Money for nothing.

Dodgers SS Corey Seager suffered fractured hand when hit by a pitch tonight. He joins Bellinger, Pollock, Knebel, May, Price & Graterol on Los Angeles’ IL.

LA now is paying more to injured players than the total payroll of 12-13 teams in MLB.

So is explaining the NBA’s play-in round the basketball equivalent of explaining the infield fly in baseball?

Fox News headline after Medina Spirit finished 3rd in the Preakness “Karma wins.” So Fox is good with the Former Guy trying to cheat to win the Presidency. But potentially cheating to win a horse race? That’s serious.

Okay, until today who had ever heard of Rombauer as anything other than an overpriced Chardonnay? #PreaknessStakes

As MSNBC data guru Steve Kornacki covered the Preakness States for NBC two things to remember:

1. The legitimacy of this year’s Kentucky Derby is in doubt.

2. The legitimacy of last November’s election is NOT in doubt.

It takes SNL’s Kate McKinnon to point out the insanity about Liz Cheney being abandoned by conservatives: “What more can I do, I opposed gay marriage even though my sister is a lesbian.” And… “Do you know who my father is?”

December 1924 – New York Times reported that Adolf Hitler’s five months in jail had left him “tamed” and “no longer to be feared.”

November 2020 – “What’s the downside for humoring him?”

If the insurrectionists still believe the Big Lie of a stolen election, would any of them like to explain why they won’t storm the Capitol again? Asking for a country. And a lot of nervous members of Congress.

Pandemic motto that will be chanted to future generations: When the going got tough, the tough got on their couches…and sat there.

House Republicans upset Speaker Nancy Pelosi said masks will still be required for members of Congress and staff on the House floor. The same House Republicans who are 44% vaccinated. Pretty simple: Want to get rid of the d*mn mask rule? get the d*mn vaccine.

People need to be vaccinated to go without masks. Also, people need to admit Joe Biden won the Presidential Election to be interviewed on major networks.

“We need to ensure we’re increasing our party’s ability to reach out to women. I work on that in Congress. I care passionately about that. Donald Trump’s comments have not helped that effort. They’ve hurt that effort.”

Elise Stefanik, August 2015

Lindsey Graham would be proud.

Delta just announced the airline will mandate all new employees be vaccinated. Waiting to see if Gov. Ron DeSantis tries to ban Delta Airlines from Florida.

So at this point could we get people in the South to get vaccinated if we give them a coupon for ten gallons of gas?

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