72 is not enough?

72 game compressed NBA schedule. Made so much worse by fact that several teams had COVID issues and had to compress their schedule even further in the second half.

But yeah, players do all that…. to get to a point where 10 of 30 teams are eliminated?

Can someone explain to me why if MLB HAS to have that stupid runner on 2nd base in extra innings rule to avoid games that last forever why it has to start in the 10th instead of the 12th inning?

A sign that the baseball season might really be getting into full swing? – Giancarlo Stanton might be heading to the injured list.

NY Post headline “Biden scraps Trump Garden of Heroes honoring Kobe, Trebek, Bader Ginsburg.” Funny, the headline didn’t mention Scalia, Samuel Colt, Sam Walton & Elia Kazan, a director who ICYMI, named names for House Un-American Activities Committee.

GOP in Georgia: Rep. Andrew. Clyde “If you didn’t know TV footage was video from Jan 6th, you’d actually think it was normal tourist visit.” Also GOP in Georgia: Black woman state rep who knocked on door while Gov. Brian Kemp signed voter suppression bill deserved to be arrested.

WTF? People born between 1980 and 1985 are now being referred to as “Geriatric millennials?!” What next, they’ll demand senior discounts?

Folks, I don’t think Alan Dershowitz is ever getting invited again to Martha’s Vineyard.

One of the Former Guy’s executive orders overturned by Joe Biden today was the one requiring immigrants to have health insurance. Wonder if Former Flotus had insurance when she came over in hopes of a genius visa?

Frank Bruni in NYTimes- not fan of Liz or Kevin.. “Americans deserve truth & Cheney not McCarthy is telling it. She can’t be discounted as villain having rare good-ethics day, just as she shouldn’t be anointed St. Liz. She refuses our tidy categories. How frustrating. How human.”

Jeff Sessions was the very first Senator to support the Former Guy. He ended up under the bus. How long until Elise Stefanik joins him?

Some in GOP & conservative media are paying as much attention to that “fully vaccinated” part about not needing a mask as they do to the “well-regulated” part of the 2nd Amendment.

Why do I think it’s a pretty small overlap in the Venn Diagram between people demanding verifiable voting ID and people demanding verifiable vaccine passports?

For anyone who thinks Americans shouldn’t be required to show proof of vaccination – should we put blood alcohol levels while driving also on the “honor system”?

CNN survey found 100% of Democratic members of Congress vaccinated. 92% of GOP senators and 44.8% of GOP House members say they are vaccinated. Proud to be a member of the party that believes in science.

The Former Guy loses by over 7 million votes and GOP ousts one of their most conservative members from leadership for not supporting him. Hillary Clinton wins by 3 million votes, and many Democrats tell her to go home and knit.

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