Then there were 21?

So what do NBA teams drink when they clinch a play-in spot. Champagne, beer, hard seltzer?

And how long until we get “play-in game” officially licensed NBA merchandise?

SF Giants have gone 7-3 in last 10 games, won three straight, and FELL from 5 to 7 in ESPN’s MLB power rankings. But no, there’s no East Coast bias…

I guess some folks don’t see any contradiction in “I’m not wearing a mask or getting a vaccine because I don’t believe in science,” and “See, the CDC says I don’t have to wear a mask anymore.” And most of those “some folks” are Republicans.

Don’t forget – same folks complaining Biden administration changed mask rules too quickly would have screamed bloody murder if Joe had gotten new guidance from CDC then decided to take a few days to discuss it before acting.

CDC “The science is clear: IF you are fully vaccinated, you are protected & you can start doing the things that you stopped doing because of the pandemic.” The important word being “IF.” Ignoring parts of science you don’t believe in is like being a little bit pregnant.

So with the mask mandate removed from fully vaccinated people, is there going to be a run on lipstick? (and dental work?)

Wonder what would happen if Speaker Pelosi demanded an audit of Wednesday’s House vote to oust Liz Cheney?

Anyone else think referring to “Marge” Taylor Greene is disrespectful? To Marge Simpson.

For those who missed it, Gov. Ron DeSantis is suing to allow cruising to start from Florida, but then goes against cruise lines by saying it’s illegal for them require vaccinations. Yeah, I miss the days when Florida Man was just a danger to himself.

Listened tonight to Maddow discuss how Florida Gov Ron DeSantis might protect the Former Guy from being extradited from the state if he is criminally charged:

The clock is clearly ticking while Velveeta Voldemort summers in New Jersey.

Adam Kinzinger,, who along w/ Liz Cheney, has criticized Former Guy regularly in media, was ranked as 35th most bipartisan member of U.S. House of Representatives during 115th Congress, Cheney was 380th. But only Cheney has been punished by House GOP. I wonder why? #misogyny

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