Saturday night’s not alright for fighting

Atlanta Braves star outfielder Marcell Ozuna was arrested on Saturday in Fulton County, Georgia, on domestic battery and aggravated assault charges for allegedly choking his wife.

While expectations are the Braves may cut ties with Ozuna, the outfielder had been recently placed on IL with broken fingers on his hand and was expected to miss about six weeks. Which is about how long he’d be suspended if he were in the NFL.

One more thought about Friday night’s game – who’d have imagined a month ago a Giants Dodgers’ May 2021 classic would come down to Albert Pujols being robbed by Mike Tauchman?

As much fun as this Giants-Dodgers rivalry is, if the Padres don’t cool off it’s all going to be about who gets home field advantage for the wild card. Just saying.

RIP Gavin MacLeod, aka Captain Stubing. Must admit I loved “The Love Boat.” Except for when I got into the travel industry and clients expected cruise ship cabins to look like they did on TV.

ESPN headline – “MLB reaches 2 million total runs when Minnesota Twins’ Josh Donaldson crosses plate.” So were 1 million of them at Coors Field?

As teams start being eliminated in round one of the NBA playoffs, wonder how many sports fans can name the NBA teams who started in the playoffs?

As a moderate liberal even though Krysten Sinema ran as a centrist in a purple state, I can accept her being to the right of me on issues. But theatrical flourishes & refusing to explain an absence for a big vote -like on the January 6 commission – isn’t helping anyone’s cause, including her own.

Yeah, I know it’s almost certainly illegal, but would be really fun if Schumer & Senate Democrats snuck into town for a day during the Memorial Day recess, invoked cloture & passed a bunch of stuff by voice vote.

Why we can’t have nice things. Or even mediocre wine: American joining Southwest in not resuming alcohol sales on board after incidents of violence against flight attendants, often over masks. Of course if Trump had criticized them, we would have had incidents over seat belts.

Since some COVIDiots now using “we don’t want to be guinea pigs” excuse to avoid mandatory vaccinations for work etc, presume they just want to stay untreated at home if they get bad case of COVID. Since all treatments are year old or less any patient IS essentially a guinea pig.

Republicans trying to make it possible in some states for elected officials to overturn election results: Just imagine, for example, if Democrats had convinced Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf to try to overturn 2016 Presidential election results?

President Biden: “I call again on Congress to pass For the People Act & John Lewis Voting Rights Act. I call on all Americans, of every party & persuasion, to stand up for democracy, protect right to vote & integrity of our elections.” Reminder on Memorial Day weekend what they died for.

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