The Giants win a game! The Giants win a game.

Okay, the 2021 SF Giants have won a LOT of games.

But Friday night was their first against the LA Dodgers.

Any long term #SFGiants fan remember 1993? When Colorado Rockies lost all 13 games to Atlanta Braves – ONE win would have put SF into at least a one-game playoff for the postseason. Whatever happens this season, at least 2021 Giants vs Dodgers are not the 1993 Rockies vs Braves.

Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper – discussing Dodgers’ Gavin Lux new “yoga pants” uniform look…Which is a good description of them fitting very tightly. S

So how long until we see someone slide into a base and come up with split pants?

-The NY Post posted pictures of Bill and Hillary Clinton at a “posh’ NYC restaurant dining with friends.

Hillary’s response ‘Get vaccinated, then you can enjoy a glass of wine with friends.”

Enough of a burn to mull that wine.

After a passenger assaulted a flight attendant, Southwest Airlines decided NOT to resume alcohol service in June. I’d say “Wanna get away,” but at least Southwest did ban her from flying with them, permanently.

In St. Petersburg, Florida, a concert promoter is offering tickets for $18 if you’re vaccinated.

$1,000 if you aren’t.

Sometimes I love the free market!

If Lisa Murkowski became an independent, the biggest fallout for her could be losing committee assignments. On the other hand, if McConnell removed her from committees, she’d be that much more receptive to offers to become a conservative Democrat…. And Mitch knows that. Hmm.

So let’s see… now that Senate Republicans have destroyed the chance for a bipartisan January 6 commission, how long will it take before GOP starts screaming bloody murder about what will now be a Democratric-led commission in the House?

So when will Republicans officially change their slogan to “We can’t-handle the truth.”

Fox News about Jan 6: “Mob briefly stopped certification process in Congress as lawmakers had to evacuate the chambers & take cover.” “Briefly stopped?” Uh, I stayed up to watch Klobuchar & Blunt & Pence certify results. They finished close to 4am. Maybe Fox forgot?

Reason for optimism: Senate Rules & Homeland Security Committees working on a joint report on Jan 6- due out in about 2 weeks… wonder if they may work longer. It’s Klobuchar & Peters as chairs, then Blunt & Portman as ranking members. And Blunt & Portman are retiring….

Also on a brighter note, did GOP forget that as with Benghazi, the House IS capable of having their own commissions? Pretty d*mn sure Nancy Pelosi hasn’t forgotten.

If GOP really thought there was a single Antifa supporter partly responsible for the five deaths and over 100 police injuries on January 6, a bipartisan commission would have passed unanimously.

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