Wee hours


Oklahoma and Nebraska are upset because their college football rivalry, “on the 50th anniversary of the Game of the Century”, will kick off at 11 a.m local time on September 18 on Fox.

Meanwhile, Stanford’s first game, FS1’s opener on Sept 4, will kick off – at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, also at 11 a.m.

9 a.m. Pacific Time.

It’s TV’s world, we just live in it.

76ers indefinitely banned fan from Wells Fargo Center who dumped popcorn on Russell Westbrook. Knicks indefinitely banned fan from MSG who spit on Trae Young. Why stop there? What’s with this “indefinitely?” And shouldn’t NBA ban them from ALL games?

My son’s little league coach was a good and patient man., he’d have benched the whole infield for this.

As the GOP obsession with masks continues who’s gonna be the first to say seat belts are an attack on our freedoms?

Nice: not to wake up every morning in 2021 and think “Now WTF did he tweet?” Not so nice: To wake up every morning in 2021 and think “Did we have another mass shooting?

LA Times headline “Tragedy in San Jose.” Uh, a tragedy involves a hero with a fatal flaw. Nothing heroic about another angry man with a gun, and a Congress that refuses to take action to reduce these mass shootings.

“They’re afraid of Donald Trump.” Senator Dick Durbin, summing up the GOP Senate in one sentence.

Marco Rubio talking about one of his amendments, acknowledging it won’t pass, but “I still want to take this opportunity to talk about this and have a vote on it.” UH, WHERE WERE YOU SENATOR RUBIO WHEN MCCONNELL WOULDN’T HAVE VOTES ON ANYTHING?

Many like to talk about intent of the Founding Fathers:

Amy Klobuchar on with Chris Hayes tonight before Jan 6 commission vote: “Our job isn’t just about winning. Our job is about getting things done for people and getting things done for our country.”

I think Amy nailed it.

Average Americans still can’t get onto the grounds of the Capitol. Heck, even local Washington D.C. florists can’t deliver flowers to a member of Congress. (Seriously.) But GOP wants to pretend nothing happened January 6?

I don’t care what BS reasons GOP Senators gave in early hours of May 28 to delay bipartisan Science & Technology bill. The ONLY reason they were still talking was to delay vote on the January 6 commission bill.

So at 3am Senate decided to take six hours off for naps? Then GOP delaying tactics for the January 6 commission start again at 9a..

Can we all remind anyone we know with a Republican Senator we are paying them big bucks for this BS?

Late night reminder: If Democrats had managed to save Senate seats for Mary Landrieu (LA) & Claire McCaskill (MO) not only would we not be fretting as much about Sinema and Manchin, but we wouldn’t have John Kennedy and Josh Hawley.

As a travel agent I know flights are exceptionally full for this Memorial Day weekend. Is it wrong to hope that Ron Johnson has caused some of his GOP Senator colleagues not only to miss tonight’s flight but to be unable to find a flight home tomorrow?

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One Comment on “Wee hours”

  1. Tony Geinzer Says:

    Reviving Oklahoma and Nebraska for the first remarked meeting in a Dozen Years (No Postseason) is the example why we need Conference Realignment. And, I feel Jerry Jones and Staff have helped College Football, but, I’d get more of a kick if SMU had an opponent they couldn’t have in Dallas and public demand was unreal.
    Speaking of unreal, I don’t think anything is getting done in Washington DC, even with the cleanup from Batman Beyond Conditions, either. I don’t think we have the proper adults to do a Fix or Flunk like a lot of Kids would have left school to avoid the assembly.

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