Too high a cost.

Apparently Panda Pablo Sandoval is still being booed in Boston after the Red Sox let him go midway through a 5-year $95 million contract. Uh, shouldn’t they be booing the guy who gave him the contract?

Former SF Giants Randy Winn just talked about “going through your mental rolodex” on a pitcher. Great image. Google it, children.


Former MLB pitcher and veteran pitching coach Mickey Callaway was suspended by MLB through end of 2022 season & fired by Angels over sexual misconduct allegations by 5 women in the media industry over 5 years.

Callaway can be rehired after 2022. Since he’s a white guy, assume the question will be not “is he rehabilitated,” but “can he help us win?”

Adam Vinatieri, 48, has announced he is retiring from the Senate. So soon? Looking at Biden winning the Presidency, Brady winning the Super Bowl and Mickelson winning the PGA, have to figure Vinatieri might be a favorite for 2021 NFL scoring title.

Republicans taking a fair amount of heat and looking suspicious for opposing the January 6 commission. So what part of the truth can’t they handle?

I understand Majority Leader Schumer has his reasons for things: But Kristen Gillibrand and Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley and 64(!) co-sponsors on the Military Sexual Assault bill? C’mon Chuck, bring the damn bill to the floor.

Have no idea how long this NY Grand Jury is going to take to do its work. But expect panicked media handwringing starting in about a week.

Biden has doubled to $1 billion FEMA fund that helps communities prepare for natural disasters. While wildfires do affect California, guessing most of this money will go to red states with tornados & hurricanes. Think GOP and conservative media will give Joe any credit at all?

And now sadly to the mass shooting du jour.

As at least eight people are victims of today’s mass shooting, your reminder that Texas wants to make it even easier to carry a gun than to vote.

Saying “the shooter is no longer a threat,” is not exactly comforting to the families of at least eight people. #SanJose

Fox News headline: “San Jose shooting leaves 8 dead, deceased suspect identified.” So yeah, that’s how I knew the “deceased suspect” was a white guy.

But seriously, white (alleged) mass shooter in San Jose, many of the eight victims were brown and/or foreign born.” For some reason reason conservative media like Fox News, who always make sure to put “immigrant” in their headlines when a shooter isn’t US born, are barely mentioning that.

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