Fanning the flames.

True sports fans have to give Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau credit tonight. He loves the NHL Montreal Canadiens. And was unabashedly rooting for them against Maple Leafs – a hard luck/cursed team for over 50 years that happens to be from the most populous province in Canada.

Even Cubs fans are feeling sorry for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

(Leafs haven’t won since 1967. Haven’t won a playoff series since 2004.)

I think optimistic SF Giants fans had the team at .500 on Memorial Day. But in first place in the best division in baseball?

And early days, but Mike Tauchman’s catch of Albert Pujols’ near home run on Friday night, might turn out to be this season’s Brian Johnson moment for the SF Giants against the LA Dodgers. (Google it, youngsters.)


A fan was arrested tonight in Boston for throwing a water bottle at Kyrie Irving after the Nets beat the Celtics. While I can’t blame everything on the Former Guy, I do blame him for encouraging everyone to embrace their inner a**hole.

This may be an unpopular option, but for all those who want to abolish the shift in baseball, I’m thinking, uh, average MLB salary is over $4 million. For that you can learn to hit to the opposite field. Maybe learn to bunt even.

Starting in 1952, this state voted Republican in Presidential elections, except for LBJ in 1964, EVERY year until 1992. The state is California. Don’t tell me we can’t turn Florida or Texas blue in 2022.

Kyrsten Sinema still hasn’t said why she missed the January 6 Commission vote. Respectfully saying, Senator Sinema, doesn’t matter if you’re Democrat or Republican, a perceived cover-up of something is almost always worse than the actual reason.

To quote the late great Ralph Barbieri, more than one thing can be equally true.

  1. Kamala Harris’s memorial day weekend tweet wasn’t her best.

2. This doesn’t excuse GOP from hypocrisy on steroids over even more tone-deaf actions and yes, tweets on Memorial Days past. (Anyone remember Ivanka’s champagne popsicle tweet?)

The same Republicans now trying to wrap themselves in the flag on Memorial Day weekend have also shown they now have no problem with a Confederate flag on January 6 in the US Capitol.

Just thinking that all of Joe Biden’s weekends at home in Wilmington, Delaware probably have cost U.S. Taxpayers less than one of the Former Guy’s golf weekends.

Does anyone think if GOP retook Senate and he needed to pass legislation that Mitch McConnell would have a minute’s hesitation in abolishing the filibuster?

The Former Guy’s pardon absolved Flynn of “any and all possible offenses” arising from Mueller’s investigation. So does that mean trying to incite a coup in 2021 isn’t covered?

Thought I had pretty good education on racial injustice in past century – knew about Birmingham Church bombing, Emmett Till, Rosa Parks, Freedom Summer, George Wallace standing at U of Alabama door… Honestly don’t remember ever hearing until recently about Tulsa Race Massacre.


GOP Senator Shelley Moore Capito, 67, says elder care is not infrastructure. So I presume her House and Senate pensions will cover any elder case she might need in future, or her children are planning to take care of her if need be? Many average Americans aren’t so lucky.

So apparently many Republicans don’t know who Lee Harvey Oswald was, and political pranksters got some of them on Memorial Day including Matt Gaetz, to RT pictures of Oswald as a private in the Marines.

Given racial politics of today’s GOP I’m actually surprised someone didn’t try to get RTs for a uniformed picture of 1945-48 Army veteran James Earl Ray. (Yes, he served a few years but was discharged.)

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