Not so soft landing?

Mike Yastremski sprained thumb crashing into the wall tonight for SF Giants. Maybe just maybe bricks in stadiums should be padded as high as people can jump?

Braves OF Marcell Ozuna was already on IL when arrested. He was released from jail yesterday on $20k bail & faces charges of aggravated assault by strangulation & battery against his wife. Thinking if this were NFL & he were healthy, Ozuna would be playing this weekend.

As New Orleans Saints fan, I understand concept of not getting over a loss. But in NFC championship in 2019, there was bipartisan agreement Saints got cheated. And even so, unlike Former Guy supporters after 2020 election, we fans didn’t try to storm the Super Bowl.

The Denver Nuggets won in double OT over the Portland Trail Blazers so maybe many will forget the details of tonight’s game. But in future trivia games there’s going to be at least one answer involving an amazing 3-point shooting night that doesn’t involve a member of the Warriors. #DamianLillard

As many Americans headed back to work after Memorial Day weekend, isn’t it nice to know we have a President who also is going back to work?

N.Y. gov candidate Andrew Giuliani refuses to wear mask indoors while campaigning despite being unvaccinated

I miss the days when “dying to own the libs” was rhetorical.

Pretty sure that if last weekend if I or almost anyone I know publicly said of the military coup in Myanmar “It should happen here,” we’d have already had a knock on our door from the FBI.

Amy Klobuchar has decided she likes Anderson Cooper’s new term for the Former Guy – “The Man from Mar-A-Lago.” “Man” might be a bit of a stretch but I like it. And I must admit it’s more professional than my preferred Velveeta Voldemort.

It was November 10, when the Washington Post quoted an unnamed senior White House office about Trump “What is the downside for humoring him for this little bit of time? No one seriously thinks the results will change. It’s not like he’s plotting how to prevent Joe Biden from taking power on Jan. 20.”

That aged well.

CNN headline “America’s worker shortage is real and getting worse” -US Chamber CEO Have to wonder during pandemic how many low-paid workers realized costs of work, commute, clothes, food, dependent care, were more than they were making. Child & elder care ARE infrastructure.-

Despite majority in state legislature & all major statewide offices, Calif. Democrats lost some close House races in 2020. Trying to imagine if CA legislature thus decided to limit votes in rural areas & give state officials power to overturn elections. GOP heads would explode.

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