Flamed out?

Apparently in the last few weeks, while the Tokyo Olympics now are supposed to start in less than three weeks, 10,000 volunteers in Japan have quit, and the country is still going through some of the worst times with COVID.

And here we thought China and Russia would stage the most controversial Olympic games of our lifetime.

Kentucky Derby winner’s Medina Spirit failed drug test has been confirmed. Will the colt blame it on a tainted supplement from a stablemate?


NY Knicks are out, LA Lakers and Clippers each one game from elimination. ABC and ESPN now beginning to feel like FOX feels when the Dodgers, Cubs, Yankees and/or Red Sox aren’t in the World Series?

While I realize there are far more important things to worry about, with all MLB’s efforts to make games more exciting, perhaps they should consider a mercy rule. Top of the second in Los Angeles. Cardinals 1. Dodgers 11. Not a typo.

(The Dodgers held on, 14-3.)

Blacksburg police say incoming Virginia Tech freshman LB Isi Etute has been arrested & charged with 2nd-degree murder. Depending on the case outcome, we’ll know how good a recruit Etute is based on if any SEC school offers him a second chance.

Was at a store today and overhead two women discussing being there – one said “I never went out during COVID.” Now, I’m thrilled to be vaccinated and happy to be going out more again…. But, especially with all the unvaccinated folks still out there – “during COVID” isn’t over.

Guessing when most Americans are asked to name Senators outside their home states a whole lot of them would name the most controversial instead of the most effective.

As a Stanford grad happy to see my alma mater figured out caving to Federalist society was a stupid idea. But putting even a temporary hold on a law student’s diploma over satire might be the most embarrassing moment Stanford has had since anything involving Josh Hawley.

Today’s difference between parties: Democrats are trying to show Americans our policies are better & are looking ahead to 2022 elections. Republicans have given up on convincing Americans about any policies & are still trying to figure out a way to steal the 2020 election

Anheuser-Busch says they’ll buy all adults a beer, seltzer (or nonalcoholic beverage) if USA meets Biden’s goal of 70% of adults w/ 1 dose of vaccine by July 4. If looking out for friends & family’s health wasn’t good enough reason, free booze could do it. God bless America.

Fox News trying to bash our President with this headline: “Biden might buy you a beer if you get the shot.” Uh, are they sure this might not be the headline that finally convinces some of their viewers Joe might be ok?

Okay, I’ve had this little blog I’ve kept up for over 15 years. Though w/ Twitter now as an alternative I probably get more readers on social media each day. But at least I can say I now get more visitors than the Former President of United States.

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  1. Paige W Says:

    Very creativee post

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