Lake(rs) run dry?

Well, for the next six weeks of the playoffs we don’t have Lebron James to kick around anymore.

Jae Crowder puts Suns up 16 over Lakers with less than 2 minutes to go and TNT announcer says “And that may seal it for Phoenix.” What was his first clue?

Say what you want about horse racing. But by banning Bob Baffert from Churchill Downs for two years, the sports has shown more cojones in punishing its biggest stars who break rules than other sports – compared to for example NFL with Belichick, Brady & the Patriots…

Regular nonpolitical sports rant: 1. Replay matters to get the call right. 2. If you can’t see enough to change a call in 60 seconds or less, the call is right enough.

ESPN now considers #SFGiants the fifth best team in MLB. And the third best team in the NL West. Well, both COULD be true.

Don Lemon reports Mike Pence today saying about Donald Trump – “I don’t know if we’ll ever see eye to eye on January 6.” So this is like Macduff saying he doesn’t know if he’d ever see eye to eye with Macbeth?

I’m not sure what Rachel Maddow would do now for her show in 2021 if we had a single day without a domestic threat against our democracy. But it would be nice to find out.

Mike Pence says of January 6 that “one tragic day” should not be used to discredit Americans who voted for his former boss. Well, and why should April 15, one “tragic night”, be used to discredit what was an otherwise fine acting career for John Wilkes Booth?

All these employers claiming they can’t hire anyone. At same time some law firms are desperate enough to sign onto increasingly frivolous lawsuits by folks like Mike Lindell & some cult members by red state Republicans. So maybe what we need is job retraining for lawyers?

Lots of carrots to encourage vaccines, but a friend suggests a good stick – if someone chooses not to get vaccine then insurance should not have to pick up the cost of treatment when they get COVID (unless they have a VALID medical reason not to get the shot.)

One man has served in public health for over 50 years, advised every President since Reagan & received Presidential Medal of Freedom from George W. Bush for work on AIDS. Other man told us COVID was harmless & wanted us to drink bleach. Guess who GOP & FOX are now supporting?

Apparently Donald Trump now said in a statement – “China should pay ten trillion Dollars to America, and the world, for the death and destruction they have caused.”Wait, this is same guy who said “99% of cases are totally harmless.”This is SO confusing.

“Privilege of serving alongside Trump, it’s greatest honor of my life.” Mike Pence, 6/2/2021 – at a New Hamphire GOP dinner. “

I pray God save the king…for a gentler nor more merciful prince was there never: to me he was ever a good, gentle & sovereign lord.” Anne Boleyn, 5/19/1536 – on the scaffold.

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3 Comments on “Lake(rs) run dry?”

  1. Tony Geinzer Says:

    I hate that generally, we’d have the Stanley Cup Finals and NBA Finals this time of year, and I feel we’d blow out the LeBron Show Lakers last Fall and ruin the lore of the Lakers-Heat White Whale NBA Finals.
    I’d feel that I was not aware of the Islanders not playing a Home Playoff Game at Nassau County in June because in the Isles of Denial Years, they’d generally not get past Memorial Day in some of those years.

  2. Mark Hackett Says:

    Great comments.

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