Bribes and misdemeanors.

Some baseball teams may start giving away free tickets to fans who get a covid vaccine at the stadium.

Now, the state of Arizona, 33rd in the US with about 36% of adults vaccinated, could use all the help they could get. But the way the Diamondbacks are playing, (20-39, 17 games out of 1st) perhaps they could try telling fans, if you DON’T get vaccinated, you are required to stay for the entire game?

20 MLB teams have reached 85% vaccination rate for players & other on-field personnel, 2 more have had shots & are 2 weeks away. Would the 8 other teams like to tell us who they are? (Because not being vaxxed might affect stadium staff, also prefer not to root for idiots..)

Has Adam Silver figured out how to have a second round play-in game to keep Lebron James in the NBA postseason a little longer?

Federal Judge Roger Benitez, just ruled against California assault rifle ban. “Like Swiss Army knife, the popular AR-15 rifle is a perfect combination of home defense weapon & homeland defense equipment. Perfect for home & battle. I couldn’t write satire that absurd.

Wrap your heads around this one: Today’s GOP is now more interested in a hearing to investigate Dr. Fauci than the fatal insurrection on January 6.

Great that Fox News & folks like Josh Hawley finally think Trump should have resigned over not promoting mask wearing during the the pandemic.

Oh wait, no, they want resignation of Dr. Fauci!? And Fauci, unlike the Former Guy, changed his stance based on changing evidence.

So Mike Pence just says he “doesn’t see eye to eye with his former boss over January 6. Anyone thought of putting a microphone in front of Karen Pence and ask what SHE thinks about Donald almost having her, her husband and their daughter killed to stay in power?

Wolf Blitzer asks Preet Bharara if Trump should be sweating: Preet points out he’s escaped before But… “I think this is a different kind of thing. It’s not a political investigation, it’s a standard financial organization criminal investigation…” They got Capone on taxes.

GOP still genuflecting before the crazy Former Guy is as if the little boy shouted that the Emperor had no clothes and the people responded by throwing the kid in jail.

For all those who expect Americans to know what’s best for them on vaccines without guidance (and maybe bribes) from our leaders: Just was waiting at a railway crossing for a train to pass and noticed the big sign “DO NOT STOP ON TRACKS.”

Anyone know what President Biden is up to this weekend? Me neither. Nice, isn’t it?

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