For want of a shot:

Golfer Jon Rahm, ranked #1 or 2 in the world, had to withdraw from Memorial Tournament with 6-shot lead after positive COVID-19 test. He was asymptomatic at the time.

He’d been tested daily after close contact with someone with the virus, and while the tour doesn’t release information directly on who has been vaccinated anyone vaccinated isn’t subject to testing after close contact.

CONCACAF Nations League final between United States & Mexico was marred Sunday by unruly fan behavior that included objects thrown on the field. Where did fans think they were, at an NBA playoff game?

Sign of returning to normalcy – Sunday night baseball Yankees -Red Sox.

On Saturday ,SF Giants scored two runs in an inning against the Chicago Cubs on four singles. A reminder of what baseball used to be before launch angles.

Don’t think local & state elections matter? Keith Ellison, Minnesota AG who oversaw case against Derek Chauvin, won by 4 points in 2018 His GOP opponent, Doug Wardlow, will run again in 2022. What Doug’s been doing since his loss -being attorney for Mike Lindell & My Pillow.

Media: Joe Manchin thinks he’s King of the Senate. Also Media: We’re gonna give Joe Manchin more attention than anyone in the Senate.

All jokes aside, I don’t care about the Former Guy’s pants. I do care that the media really needs to put on their big boy (and big girl) pants and start figuring out how to cover a boring but competent President instead of a carnival barker.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report noted there were 6,052 deaths from Americans not wearing seat belts being ejected from cars in 2020 -20% increase from 2019, despite COVID. Wonder how many of them started ignoring science last year by not wearing masks?

So anyone got a list of how many mass killings were committed with Swiss Army Knives?

Delta flight attendant & passengers tackled a man who tried to storm the cockpit and were able to zip tie his wrists. Zip ties? Were there GOP tourists on board?

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