Long gone.

Cubs rookie Patrick Wisdom has 8 home runs in his first 40 ABs. It’s a heck of a story. But as an SF Giants fan, it’s a lot more fun when he’s hitting them against the San Diego Padres.

AVirginia gym teacher was suspended for refusing to allow transgender girls to compete because he claimed it went against his Christianity. Now judge ordered guy reinstated.

So if “Christianity” matters so much to this teacher, will he demand virginity pledges from all student-athletes?

So apparently it was either an earthquake or a sonic boom that got #SanDiego trending Tuesday night. I can’t be the only one who was relieved it wasn’t a mass shooting.

CNN chyron- “Senate Jan 6. report reveal new details on security failures, omit Trump’s role.” Uh, Senate committees were for WHAT happened & future Capitol security- not WHY it happened or who incited it.

That’s why Amy Klobuchar keeps saying we still need a bipartisan committee. Do better CNN!

Uh, travel agents have a “duty to warn” customers about any negative information we have. And Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines caved to Ron DeSantis about requiring vaccines for sailings from Florida. So now we tell everyone “so it MIGHT be a 7 day cruise or you might get stuck on board indefinitely?”

Still wrapping my head around some COVIDiots who don’t want to be guinea pigs with a vaccine, but they’re perfectly willing to be guinea pigs to go on a cruise ship without being vaccinated. Hope they’re negotiating open-ended vacation time.

So how long until Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues his campaign for individual freedoms by saying he’ll eliminate seat belt and DUI laws?

As Democrats figure how to go forward for voting rights without Senator from West Virginia, your reminder if we had won more Senate seats in 2020, or held onto Bill Nelson and Claire McCaskill’s seats in 2018, we wouldn’t need him or Sinema. Litmus tests belong in labs.

Stormy Daniels has indicated she would “would love nothing more” than to cooperate with NY Grand Jury investigating the Former Guy. So sounds like it will be a lot more satisfying for Stormy to do to him what Donald did to her.

Same GOP that had 10 investigations over more than two years into a fatal attack on American diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya, thinks we should just move on from a fatal attack on our own US Capitol six months ago

Let’s be honest. If Democrats hadn’t won those two seats in Georgia, Mitch McConnell & Senate Republicans now saying “move along nothing to see here,” about January 6, would have committees focused nonstop on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

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