Lefty pitcher Sam Long, 25, who pitched four plus inning on one hit for SF Giants today, has been released before and in 2018 started taking some EMT classes. Announcers commented on his calm on the mound. Depending on those classes, thinking Long saw and thought about things a little more stressful than giving up some runs in a baseball game.

Well this could make for fun conversations in the huddle: As Panthers QB Sam Darnold says he’s still “evaluating” whether to get a COVID vaccine or not, reminder that Carolina’s star RB Christian McCaffrey was an Academic All-America at Stanford.

NFL’s Montez Sweat is still vaccine adverse, with the Washington football team player saying he “won’t treat Covid until he actually gets Covid.”. Can only imagine what his thoughts are on say, birth control.

Compared to Charles, Anne and Andrew, I know comparatively little about Prince Edward, 57, Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son. But I think I like him. In an interview touching on many issues including his parents, Harry and Meghan, etc “That’s families for you.”

Interviewed on Senate report on January 6, Amy Klobuchar talked about “the haunting words of one of the officers who said “Does anyone have a plan?'” Sadly, the one who DID have a plan was the Former Guy.

Why is anyone shocked that Louie Gohmert wonders if Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management can alter the orbit of the moon or the Earth? Gohmert’s cult leader thought you could alter the path of a hurricane with a Sharpie.

If Governors of Florida & Texas really want to make a point in their battle with cruise lines over vaccine requirements why don’t both of them go on a one week cruise vaccation with some of their unvaccinated constituents.

Know almost nothing about Mark Greenblatt, the Inspector General of Department of the Interior, who just said DC police didn’t clear Lafayette Park for a photo op. I do know he was confirmed in 2019 after being nominated for the position by Donald Trump.

How fantastic for our whole country would it be if in 2022 we not only could get rid of Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio, but also that we could replace them BOTH with women – Nikki Fried and Val Demings?

Must be very confusing for those who only watch Fox News: Network has been telling viewers COVID-19 is largely harmless and vaccines aren’t necessary…. but they should be outraged because the virus allegedly came from a lab in China.

Tucker Carlson claiming Americans should apply for asylum in El Salvador, it’s safer than Baltimore and Chicago. Waiting for Carlson to do a show on location in San Salvador to prove his point.

So how long does it take for the magnetization to kick in with the vaccines? Now feeling disappointed that I went to Hawaii for a few days last month and didn’t attract any coins or buried treasure on the beach.

Rachel Maddow points out scandal of Rob Porter resigning after accusations of domestic abuse by ex-wives would’ve been massive story in any other administration… Had almost forgotten it. TFG’s White House was like perfume testing for scandals..after a while they blur.

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