And down the test they come?

Ugh, Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit fails drug test. Will he blame it on tainted hay from a stablemate?

Forget the Kentucky Derby winner. Thinking our Former President is a “Junky.” (Can you OD on Diet Coke?)

LA Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer after losing to LA Angels 2-1 Sunday- “I freakin’ hate losing. I wanna win. That’s why I came here.” Well yeah, that and $102 million more guaranteed reasons for 3 years.

If Tucker Carlson actually hadn’t been vaccinated he’d be loudly proclaiming it to his cult followers. But the truth hurts. Starting with ratings.

One man is dead & “several others” injured after a shooting Saturday night at Hyatt Regency Phoenix after police say a group “got into an altercation.” Police add it was an “isolated incident.” Uh, nothing “isolated” about it when US gets several mass shooting incidents a week.

Kevin McCarthy is now backing Elise Stefanik to replace Liz Cheney in house leadership “We need to be united.” Because McCarthy knows that once this “crisis” is over, the Former Guy can be counted on to stand with those who have supported him?

Elise Stefanik does realize that as soon as she makes a misstep the Former Guy will claim he hardly knows her and she wouldn’t have been his type?

Whatever they say, remember the only real reason GOP suddenly made it a priority to ram through all these new voting laws: THEY LOST.

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