Liars dice?

And didn’t we all have the #SFGiants as the first National League team to 20 wins in 2021?

Meanwhile, Dodgers fans have to be happy about beating the Angels 14-11.

Well, maybe less happy about that score after LA Dodgers led 13-0.

(and no, Coors Field wasn’t involved.)

If you’re not a baseball fan you can skip this link. But trying to pass a clubhouse spat off as a “rat or possum” discussion might be the best ‘That’s so Mets” story of the year.

Nice thing about 2021: Coming back to social media after an hour or two off without wondering “now WTF did POTUS tweet?” Not nice thing about 2021: Returning to social media after an hour or two off and going “WTF, another mass shooting?

ICYMI, we taxpayers are actually paying Marjorie Taylor Greene $174,000 a year for bragging about what a “dirty rotten job” being a Congresswoman is and how little she does in Washington, DC.

So for many of us there was a question tonight. So what are we all doing Saturday night instead of watching SNL with Elon Musk?

(And look, I don’t care that Musk is an eccentric billionaire. I care that for over a year he’s been spouting lies about COVID-19)

So if Jen Psaki is only going to stay as Press Secretary for a year, anyone talked to Allison Janney about a C.J. Cregg comeback?

Despite some in Palm Beach trying to block the Former Guy from living at Mar-A-Lago (he signed a 1993 promise not to allow residents, town attorney ruled he can live there as a ‘bona fide employee’ As if Donald has done any bona fide work ever.

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised that a party that elected a man who boasted about grabbing women by the p*ssy, now has no problem with a congressman allegedly sleeping with underage girls.

If we could only guarantee none of it would hurt anyone or anything, regular space junk falling to earth does seem to be a great way to distract the media from making up controversies regarding President Biden.

So has Fox News blamed the all the recent angst over Chinese Rocket falling to earth on President Biden’s somehow mishandling Space Force?

Don Jr. tried to insult Joe Biden by comparing Joe to Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter is the most beloved ex-President ever. Meanwhile, future historians criticizing future Presidents will always add “But at least he wasn’t Trump.”

A small point that says so much about Fox News: Major Biden biting someone was headline news for days. But not a word about the death of beloved Former First Dog Bo Obama.

Amy Klobuchar says in her “Antitrust” book there is basically no antitrust humor

But as as a travel agent have to say those emails from airlines after a merger claiming the merger will benefit consumers are pretty unintentionally hilarious.

Maybe we are doing this wrong. Maybe we need to spread a rumor to vaccine hesitant MAGAs that liberals are trying to scare them away from vaccines to order to kill off Trump supporters.

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