Strange bedfellows

Yeah, sometimes the truth hurts. But yeah, Liz Cheney is saying the right things about the 2020 Election. And Karma probably was okay the Dodgers win tonight in the 8th tonight against the Mariners, because Mookie Betts WAS called out on strikes with the bases loaded on ball four in the 7th

“Yankees on April 30 were able to relax MLB protocols after reaching an 85% vaccination rate among players & staff such as managers, coaches and athletic trainers.”

Today “Boone: Yanks 3B, 1B coaches positive for COVID”


Medina Spirit will be allowed to race in Preakness. Whatever happens, at least the horse is one athlete who can claim he didn’t have any idea he might be using a banned substance.

Yeah, with our recall election, California is & will continue to be justifiable butt of jokes with our candidates. But Daily Show reminds us tonight that w/ mayoral race, New York City is making a strong effort to hang onto the top spot.

Rachel Maddow points out Liz Cheney has voted w/ Former Guy 92.9% percent of time, Elise Stefanick only voted w/ him 77.8% of time. “This isn’t about policy, it’s about supplication – it’s about performative sycophancy.”

#Performativesycophancy perfectly describes today’s GOP.

So GOP Senators on Rules committee are against Jon Ossoff’s amendment making it legal to hand out water to voters waiting in line. Ladies and gentlemen, your so-called “pro-life” party.

Senators Merkley & Ossoff challenge Ted Cruz, who claims DMW automatic voter registration will result “millions of illegals” being registered to vote, to show an example of this happening in any state where DMW already automatically registers voters. We’re waiting.

Headline should be on Mitch McConnell’s opposition to For the People Act “Man who illegally changed rules to steal 2 SCOTUS seats doesn’t like that Democrats want to adopt rules to keep some red states from stealing future elections.”

The I-40 Bridge across the Mississippi River from Memphis TN to Arkansas was closed today when a Tennessee inspector found a “significant crack” on the I-40 Bridge.

Again, as GOP wants to reduce infrastructure bill, can some Republican senator please let us know if this I-40 bridge is one of the ones they are okay with falling down?

The Colonial Pipeline hack by Darkside has not only resulted in people lining up to buy gas, but also prices approaching $3 a gallon.Now, this is a serious situation… but $3 a gallon gas? Motorists in California are just giggling.

So now Ted Cruz is trying to fight current voter rights by talking alleged voter fraud back in 1960 in Nixon-JFK election…. Ted Cruz was born in 1970.

“If you can write the rules, you can win the game”: Mitch McConnell. So he’s telling us that was his playbook to steal two SCOTUS seats?

So Ron DeSantis has declared a state of emergency in Florida over the Colonial Pipeline and resulting gas shortages. Well, I trust the Governor will remain consistent and whatever happens tell the Feds not to meddle in his state.

“Millions of Americans have been misled -election is over. That is rule of law…our Constitutional process. Our duty is clear. This is not about policy; this is not about partisanship. Remaining silent & ignoring the lie emboldens the liar.” I HATE it when I agree w/ Liz Cheney

Ted Cruz is now ranting about allegedly wasting taxpayer money on elections, saying instead the money should go to rural hospitals. Uh, how much money could we have sent to rural hospitals if GOP hadn’t given huge tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires?

Ted Cruz adds amendment to keep candidates from enriching themselves w/ federal election funds. Amy Klobuchar “This is your lucky day, Senator Cruz, I also support this amendment.” Add to reasons I am in awe of Klobuchar, she can keep a sense of humor after 8 hours w/ Ted Cruz.

But ultimately:

Senator Amy Klobuchar is right. Senator Ted Cruz is wrong. Divulging the names of big donors doesn’t stifle free speech. It just lets Americans know who is really speaking.

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