Numbers are just an age.

Only one game down in the playoffs. But Golden State Warriors out, Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers and NY Knicks losing on their home courts.

This might be how the ratings-driven media felt when it looked like boring by comparison Biden was going to beat the Former Guy.

And okay, who figured of the “old guard” that it would be Phil Mickelson, 50, and not Tiger Woods, 45, who would win a tournament this year? Now all you liars put your hands down.

On the other hand, how excited was Tiger, 45, to realize as he recovers he’ll still have chances in 5 years.

Just heard on CBS, odds on Phil Mickelson winning the PGA Championship last Thursday? 280 to 1. Guessing even Lefty wouldn’t bet on himself.

When Phil Mickelson won his first tournament President Joe Biden was still in his 40s.

Wonder after his PGA victory if Phil Mickelson will be invited on any of Monday’s late-night talk shows? Of course Lefty may first have to schedule a nap to stay up that late.

GOP’s Roy Blunt says “scope of what White House staff wants to call infrastructure is way too big.” Uh, Senator, guessing you’ve never dealt w/ child care or elder care issues derailing your life, or had your broadband internet go down for more than about 20 minutes?

Charleston Church killer wants federal conviction to be tossed out. Attorneys say “his delusional belief he’d be rescued from prison by other white supremacists prevented him from failing previous competency hearings.’ Uh, is any expectation delusional w/ white supremacists these days?

(But yes, they are saying that if the guy – I won’t use his name -thought he’d be stuck in jail, he’d have deliberately pretended to be crazy.)

We know best ways actually to reduce number of abortions are sex education and readily available birth control. But somehow I’ve missed GOP efforts on both.

Rand Paul says he’s not getting vaccinated because he already had Covid-19. So he’s not getting Shingles shot because he’s had chicken pox?

Whenever you’re afraid you won’t be good enough to reach one of your goals…remember, Rand Paul got into Duke University School of Medicine.

Reports last week were 92% of GOP Senators were vaccinated against COVID-19. So who are the three other COVIDiots besides Rand Paul?

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