Age and treachery.

In 2021, Joe Biden became President, Tom Brady won another Super Bowl and now Phil Mickelson is leading after the third round of the PGA Tour. Does this mean Steph Curry was just too young to singlehandedly lead the Warriors to the playoffs?

For those who already think the NBA season has been too long… as of Saturday May 22, we are only 2 MONTHS away from NBA finals game 7.

So if we’re all getting secretly implanted with a microchip via the COVID vaccine at least it means if Boomers get dementia our family and friends will be able to find us.

Pete Davidson on NBC SNL season finale: “AIDS is a lot like SNL, it’s still here, but no one’s gotten excited about it since the 90s.”

As SNL has Anya Taylor host reminder that many fans of Queen’s Gambit still know nothing about actual chess. Which seems quaint considering the consequences of fans of the Former Guy still knowing nothing about actual democracy.

Seriously? Some right-wing media making big deal of Joe Biden accidentally calling Korean President Moon Jae-in “prime minister”& Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “president” Uh, at least he didn’t insult either of them on Twitter.

What upsets Ted Cruz – Being called #CancunCruz or #KremlinCruz. What doesn’t upset Ted Cruz – Having his wife called ugly or his dad called a murderer.

Whether or not we are pro-choice, can we stop pretending overturning Roe V. Wade will stop even all legal abortions in US?

Girls and women who can afford to travel to states like California will be fine. The rest of them will risk dying with DIY attempts or in back alleys.

Just imagining what GOP response would be if Democrats tried to close or limit polling places at gated or semi-gated communities like Florida’s The Villages?

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