Age is just a small number.

A New York Times article on the SF Giants improbable season “”Also notably beating the odds are three graybeards…”

They’re talking about Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt.

Posey and Crawford are 34. Belt is 33.

The biggest media markets in the US: 1. New York 2. Los Angeles 3. Chicago 4.Philadelphia

Meanwhile: 10. Atlanta 12. Phoenix 36. Milwaukee.

If you’re expecting a bad Monday at work, imagine being an ad salesperson for the rest of the NBA playoffs.

Just how bad are the Arizona Diamondbacks? The 4th place Colorado Rockies are 12 games under .500. And they’re still 10 games ahead of the D’backs.

Jon Rahm had to drop out leading tournament 2 weeks ago, because he tested positive for COVID.. He had just recently had the shot before his positive test and says he waited too long to get vaccinated.

Today Rahm won the U.S. Open. Wonder how many MAGAs might now get the vaccine if they think it might help their golf game?

-This December speaking tour with Bill O’Reilly and Velveeta Voldemort includes two men who based on past sexual allegations against them would not be allowed to volunteer in most public schools.

Yeah, our grandparents may have been luddites. But the Greatest Generation wouldn’t have lost their collective sh*t over doordash being down on Saturday.

RIP Champ Biden. Hope he’s already cavorting with Bo Obama in heaven’s dog park

No fatalities but eight people, including two children, were shot after gun battle broke out between two groups having parties at adjoining banquet halls in Dallas early this morning. So wonder which of them were the good guys with guns?

We don’t know yet if the man who ran his truck through a Pride Parade, killing at least one person, did it deliberately on not. Thanks to Ron DeSantis who legalized running over protestors, it doesn’t matter. The driver might even face more charges if it was accidental.

After a six plus hour roundtrip drive to Sacramento I can attest that not only have people forgotten how to behave on airplanes, they have forgotten how to behave on highways too.

Most Democrats in the Senate, heck, most Democrats in America, are to the left of Joe Manchin and the right of Bernie Sanders. So why does it seem the media talks to both of them more than any other Senators?

Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow suggests Democrats cancel August recess at least until Senate gets big stuff done. These are moments I wish a mom was Majority Leader. It’s a bipartisan simple deal- “You want to go play, fine, but you’re staying inside until you finish your chores first.”

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