Not that jazzed

A Twitter pal said – “John Stockton’s stupidity has jinxed the Jazz.” Hey, as good an explanation as any how a #1 seed with a 22 point lead against the Kawhi-less Clippers could not only blow a lead but lose by twelve.

(For those who missed it, Stockton appeared in an anti-vaccine video…)

If as an SF Giants fan you didn’t already love LaMonte Wade Jr, he just threw Bryce Harper out tonight at second with a ball hit off the left field wall.

This would be a great weekend for the Arizona Diamondbacks to break their now 24 game losing streak.


I know baseball’s fan base skews older. But is it really best way to appeal to younger audience by making SF Giants Phillies series ONLY televised on Peacock? Managed to figure it out but am “relatively’ young luddite. Wonder how many parents are calling kids tonight? “HELP!!”

Okay, not a huge eater, but picked up a package of precooked pulled chicken in BBQ sauce, 16 ounces total. Glanced at the Nutrition Facts while it was warming up. 90 calories a serving. EIGHT servings in the package. That’s two ounces of meat and sauce combined. Enough to make a McDonald’s hamburger look hefty.

If you’re making the fake claim that Juneteenth isn’t “American,” then assume you’ve also been protesting Columbus Day? Since Christopher actually landed in the Dominican Republic.

I guess the U.S. Catholic bishops never worried about denying communion to Velveeta Voldemort. He’d have probably asked for Diet Coke instead of wine to wash down the wafers. And complained the bread was better at Mar-A-Lago.

Can’t imagine what today’s U.S. Catholic Bishops would have done with JFK.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. But considering how many GOP members of Congress still genuflect before Velveeta Voldemort despite his losing election & then TWO Georgia Senate seats, makes more sense that they’re complicit than that they still haven’t figured out he’s a loser.

Seriously, are the latest wild GOP accusations being about the FBI being behind January 6 a clue that the FBI is about to implicate GOP members of Congress?

Open question to anyone thinking cruises shouldn’t be able to require vaccines for cruisers: Have you already forgotten Grand Princess? Stuck at sea for days + 2 week quarantine for passengers. “I don’t need to have numbers double because of one ship that wasn’t our fault.”

Georgia is mailing notifications of 102,000 voter registration cancellations. Voters have 40 days to respond. Uh, MAIL? Still have two Christmas packages missing in mail & who knows how many cards got there? Also check lost this month. DeJoy’s destruction has not been undone.

Velveeta Voldemort’s former doctor Ronny Jackson wants Biden to take a cognitive test I’d love to see Joe come out some day and simply say “Person, woman, man, camera, TV.” Mic drop.

The fact that no members of Congress died on January 6 at the US Capitol doesn’t mean the intent of the insurrectionists wasn’t to kill them. The fact that Democrats may save voting rights doesn’t mean the intent of many in GOP isn’t to kill democracy.

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One Comment on “Not that jazzed”

  1. R. Nelson Says:

    Loved LaMonte when he played here in Rochester. I’m happy he found a team he fit so nicely on.

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