Throwing away their shot?

For the 2021 season, unvaccinated NFL players will not be allowed on team charters for away games.

Great, just what the rest of us need, the thought of flying on commercial planes with unvaccinated people who are also plenty big enough to encroach on our physical space.

Do SF Giants put weekly comments from ESPN on clubhouse wall

. “Giants need to be active in acquiring veterans at trade deadline… already blown 14 saves this season- need to do better if they hope to stay relevant in NL West.”

Yes, it’s a tough division – but “hope to stay relevant?”

Meanwhile SF Giants scored 3 runs in four games in DC last week. This week they scored no less than five runs in any game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Baseball is a funny game. And the Dbacks are really bad.

Happy 79th Birthday Paul McCartney. Sir Paul is now 15 years older than “when I’m 64.”

Sandra Garza, life-partner of late Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, tells Anderson Cooper she’s been harassed & falsely accused of being paid by Trump supporters. But “no one is going to intimidate me or shut me up.” If Garza ever wants to run for office-I’m in on her side.

Reading Chasten Buttigieg’s “I Have Something To Tell You” memoir. Favorite story so far; Pete had painted kitchen in South Bend home awful shade of yellow & Chasten finally while he was campaigning secretly hired someone to paint it white. When Pete got home.- he didn’t notice.

(Chasten said he eventually told him and Pete responded “Oh, that is nice. Yeah. Well done.”)

There was a small earthquake in Indiana. Out of habit did Mike Pence praise Velveeta Voldemort for making the earth move?

Texas AG Ken Paxton is unhappy with a conservative Supreme Court upholding ACA. “ObamaCare was sold on a lie to the American people.” All you need to know about today’s GOP is that they consider lifesaving healthcare a lie & debunked election fraud malarkey the truth.

Listening today to Roy Blunt talking about his bipartisan bill to expand community mental health services. I suppose it would be wrong to say some Americans who clearly are in need of those services are some of his GOP colleagues in Congress.

“We’re Democratic party, we’re not a lockstep rubberstamp, who’d want to belong to a party like that? You can cross the aisle & do that…but at end of day we’ll have unity to promote wellbeing of American working families.” Sometimes I just love Madam Speaker. @SpeakerPelosi

If one person, especially a pretty young woman, is killed by an undocumented immigrant, GOP wants to build walls & tighten all immigration/asylum rules.

Meanwhile five people died & 140 police officers injured by a mob of Trump supporters on Jan 6. GOP shrugs – “just tourists”

Okay, Friday, June 18th will actually be the first Juneteenth Federal Holiday. Why do I have a feeling some tone deaf store or chain will come up with a last minute “White Sale?”

If any Republicans who work in the Federal Government object to the Juneteenth holiday they should certainly feel free to go into work on a volunteer basis.

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