And the hits just keep on coming.

After the top of the first inning tonight against Arizona Diamondbacks, SF Giants were down 2 to 0. Apparently someone found where the team left their bats in Texas. . Final score, SF 13, AZ – 7

Remember that Madison Bumgarner seven-inning no-hitter in Phoenix on April 25.that MLB refused to certify as a no-hitter? Arizona Diamondbacks haven’t won a game away from home since. The baseball gods may not be amused.

Jacob deGrom left his start today with right shoulder soreness after pitching three perfect innings. While I’m not a Mets fan for the sake of baseball hope all those Koufax comparisons don’t become too accurate.

Phillies fans are famous for booing Santa Claus

Even Santa Claus would have booed the Philadelphia 76ers in the 4th quarter today against the Hawks.

MSNBC, how about a new rule – anyone who prioritized book sales over trying to save democracy (and lives) doesn’t get an interview on your network? #JohnBolton

Just my opinion, but to my mind the best reporters are like the best baseball umpires. They don’t make the story all about them.

Things I would rather do than watch an interview with Velveeta Voldemort:

Have a root canal.

Listen to a concert of nails on a chalk board.

Watch the Dodgers win a game. For starters. (I am aware some of my friends may disagree on the last one.)

Why do we just think of antitrust & competition issues affecting high-tech? Airfares are high from SFO to Dulles. But remember Independence Air? For just one example. Lasted less than 2 yrs w/ cheap fares. United matched fares at loss leader prices, put them out of business, then raised fares again

-Fox News headline “Garry Kasparov told “Fox & Friends Pres. Biden meeting w/ Vladimir Putin in Geneva implies United States “giving credibility to a brutal dictator.” Gosh, I missed that headline when Velveeta Voldemort met w/ Vlad in Helsinki AND invited him to White House.

If the media treated Putin-Biden summit any more like a prize fight they’d have to put it on pay-per-view.

New GOP logo…..? (Google Get Smart kids, if you don’t recognize this.)

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