You had a bad month

Minnesota Twins SF Bryon Buxon missed 40 games with a strained right hip. On Saturday he was hit by a pitch in the fourth inning of his first game back, and X-rays revealed a fractured hand. Buxon will be out probably another month.

After making probably MLB’s highlight reel for the year for taking advantage of several Pittsburgh Pirates brain cramps to steal a run, , Cubs star Javier Baez tonight forgot how many outs there were in the inning and ran all the way to third on a routine fly ball, only to be doubled off first.

“I lost the outs,” Baez explained.

Another reason to love baseball. It has a way of reminding everyone rules are rules. And math, at least counting to three, is immutable.

Carl Nassib, DE for Las Vegas Raiders, becomes first active NFL player to come out as gay

Good for him. “Openly gay” is of course the operative phrase. But look forward to the day when being openly gay is no longer a headline.

Apparently Velveeta Voldemort didn’t realize Guantanamo Bay Naval Base is in Cuba. You mean he didn’t even watch “A Few Good Men?”

Mitch McConnell today wore a tan suit. So by GOP standards this means we can impeach him, right?

Remind me again what Senior White House Advisor position President Joe Biden appointed Hunter Biden to?

Was it great that Sheldon Whitehouse defended his decades-long membership in an all-white private beach club as a “long tradition in Rhode Island?” No. But would the conservative pundits criticizing him like to tell us what clubs they belong to?

As a California voter, I feel pretty confident my state will protect voting rights. As an American, I understand that democracy depends on voting rights in all 50 states.

Rolled my eyes at this headline -“Khloé Kardashian insists she’s only had one nose job.” But I must confess, I miss the days when headline writings looking for crazy clickbait could rely on the Kardashians more than GOP politicians.

An anonymous friend told me Michael Bloomberg switched to run as Republican in 2001 New York mayoral primary because he didn’t want to deal w/ insanity of the Democratic primary. Never a huge Bloomberg fan, but more I see of New York City primary insanity the more it makes sense.

Just heard through a travel industry friend that clients in Mexico told of being approached with offers of fake COVID vaccine cards and/or negative COVID tests. We’re so not out of the woods on this pandemic… Please get vaccinated.

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