Outside the lines.

Los Angeles Lakers guard Alex Caruso arrested today in Texas for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Silly man, pot is legal in Los Angeles. In Texas he’d have been better off carrying a couple unregistered guns.

So is it wrong to start rooting for a team just because their amazing goalie has the same name as your son? Asking for a friend, eh? #GoHabsGo

Stephen Colbert perfectedly sums up the decision New Yorkers faced today “who will replace Mayor Bill DeBlasio as the person getting booed at Mets games?”

So Max Scherzer and Sergo Romo came close. Who’s gonna be the first MLB pitcher actually to drop his pants upon being checked for sticky stuff by an umpire?

No one ever accused MLB of putting ethics over profits. But by checking pitchers for Spider Tack etc, the league is showing they care more about integrity of a game than GOP cares about the integrity of elections.

Apparently the Delta COVID variant from India now is responsible for over 20% of infections. Up from 10% 2 weeks ago & from 2.7% a month ago. Sadly, guessing unvaccinated COVIDiots are as good at expotential math as they are at science.

Can anyone imagine if in California, where several close congressional races went for Republicans, the majority Democratic state legislature tried to overturn those elections with conjured up arguments?

One thing to have 60 votes to pass a bill. But to require 60 votes even to TALK about a bill? Doesn’t seem very democratic to me.

Many GOP Senators today touting how well 2020 election went with high turnout and claiming Democrats trying to change the system. Forgetting to say it’s because GOP led states ARE changing the system.

The Former Guy was mocked for saying “I just want to find 11,780 votes.” But really, what Mitch McConnell is saying now against For the People Act boils down to “I just want to find a way to suppress enough votes so GOP will win.”

Not that Andrew Yang is the only one guilty of this. But perhaps if he really wants to stay involved in politics he can find a place to start other than the “top?”

In the NYC Mayoral Democratic primary with ranked-choice voting it could take weeks to determine the winner. They still might finish before the 2020 Democratic Iowa caucuses…

Lisa Murkowski made a nice speech about voting rights on the Senate Floor today, but said ultimately she would vote against S-1 – the For the People Act. Okay, Senator Murkowski, I believe while we disagree on things that you act in good faith. So all snark aside, do what Joe Manchin did, talk to Amy Klobuchar and talk about what changes you would need to support the bill.

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