Sticky situation

I’m sure it’s just coincidence that MLB decided MID-SEASON to start checking pitchers for sticky substances since hitting is way down… but ignored steroids for years during the “Chicks dig the long ball” era.

Of course as a San Francisco Giants fan I want Giants to finish ahead of the San Diego Padres. But it still warms my little heart to hear the “Beat LA” chants at Petco Park.

He was 0 for 5 with five strikeouts, then hit a three run home run in the 13rd.

“Hello, Southwest Airlines, this is the SF Giants, we’d like to cancel that booking we made today from Orange County to Sacramento – the last name is Tauchman.” #SFGiants

After losing 17 games in a row, the Arizona Diamondbacks won Monday night, but now are on another two game losing streak. They are 28 out in the NL West.

I suppose it’s not quite possible to be eliminated from the postseason before the All-Star Break?

Harrison Ford, 78, was injured filming a fight scene in his latest movie. Wonder what the title is “Indiana Jones and the Lost Keys, Wallet, Phone…?

Same Florida Governor Ron De Santis who banned private companies from asking about vaccinations against deadly disease, just signed bill requiring public universities & colleges to survey students, faculty & staff about their beliefs & viewpoints.

Add satire to Florida’s hidden COVID death toll.

Democrats have tried for years to tell people how much their votes matter.

But an unintended consequence of everything Republicans are trying to stop people from voting, might be to finally convince many of people how much their votes matter.

Stephen Colbert showed Senator Klobuchar yesterday in the Senate talking about the voting rights bill “my Republican colleagues, this is not the end of the line”

And Colbert added “hanks to GOP, that’s something many a lot of voters will be hearing -‘this is not the end of the line…It stretches 3 blocks that way around the corner….& no one can give you water.'”

Last week police raided newsroom of the Apple Daily, Hong Kong’s final pro-democracy publication, now, the newspaper says it has published its final edition.

If the Former Guy had won the 2020 election how wonder if any pro-democracy publications would have survived the next four years.

Do these numbers mean anything to you? 4,076,186 to 4,043,723 They should. They are the 2018 vote totals in Florida’s gubernatorial race. DeSantis beat Gillum by less than 32,500 votes.

Florida can rectify this mistake in 2022.

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