Not quite worst to first, yet…

The Montreal Canadiens, who will now play the NY Islanders or Tampa Bay Lightning for the Stanley Cup, were the NHL team with the worst regular season record in the playoffs. Another team that had the worst regular season record in the postseason? The 2014 SF Giants.

The Dodgers just got no-hit by four Cubs pitchers. No punchline. No punch in LA bats either.

Japan’s Emperor Naruhito says he is”extremely worried” that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics could accelerate the spread of COVID-19. So will he be “extremely sad” after the Olympics when people start dying?

So how long until GOP condemns Nancy Pelosi’s House select committee into January 6 and demands a bipartisan investigation? Oh wait, never mind.

So it finally really is infrastructure week?

Both Manchin and Sinema were part of the infrastructure deal. So if McConnell finds a way to scuttle it will this be the cover they need at least to adjust the filibuster rule?

This IS in many way a chess game.


Has Mitch McConnell announced why he won’t vote for the infrastructure bill yet?

Mike Pence contradicts the Former Guy about the election the same week stories emerge that Ivanka is distancing herself from her father and Ron DeSantis is a more popular choice for many conservatives for President in 2024.
Maybe Pence figures his former boss will be too outraged at Ron and Ivanka to notice?

Anyone expecting Governor Ron DeSantis to tighten potentially lax building/inspection codes in Florida after today’s deadly condo collapse in Surfside, clearly hasn’t been following DeathSantis’s response to deaths from COVID.

We don’t know and may not know for a while what caused the horrific condominum collapse today in Surfside, Florida. But pretty sure it wasn’t too much government regulation.

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