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Science is always the home team.

June 25, 2021

Now the 23rd MLB team has reached 85% COVID vaccination threshold for players & other on-field personnel, which allows relaxed protocols, but vaccinations have slowed to crawl. Can @MLB release names of 7 teams who haven’t met threshold so we can root against them if we don’t already?

I admittedly know very little about the NHL these days. But when they ask pundits to predict the Stanley Cup Finals… uh, the Canadiens have been a near unanimous choice to lose to the Maple Leafs, the Jets AND the Golden Knights.

N.C. State will have only 13 players for their College World Series game today vs. Vanderbilt due to one player testing positive & others held out due to COVID protocols. ALL of team & coaching staff had opportunity to be vaccinated. Not all unforced errors show in the box score.

Wolfpack coach said he didn’t want to “indoctrinate” his players. Uh, if you have to use the word indoctrinate about a life-saving vaccine, you’re already indoctrinating them.

More from NC State baseball coach Elliott Avent on team not being vaccinated: “If you want to talk baseball, we can talk baseball. you want to talk politics or stuff like that, you can go talk to my head of sports medicine.” “Politics or stuff like that?”

Who wants to tell him?-

Another reason I really like SF Giants Lamont Wade Jr:

“Wade usually is an outfielder, but he does enjoy playing first, which is a much more social position.

He got a kick out of meeting Albert Pujols, for instance, when the Giants played the Dodgers.“

That was pretty cool, I talked to my dad about that,” Wade said. “You always say ‘hello’ and ‘good swing’ to the guys who come over there, just be professional and talk about other things. I know everybody’s out here working hard and that little moment that you get to relax is cool.”#adorable

As the Surfside condo collapse potential death toll rises, Governor Ron DeSantis is responding – by sending 50 law enforcement officers from Florida to the Texas-Mexican border!!?

Uh, if he’s got extra manpower, maybe he should train those officers to inspect buildings?

Florida Governor Ron De Santis says of the Surfside building collapse “this is a unique kind of tragedy.” Uh, considering how much De Santis hates regulations, maybe not so unique going forward.

President Biden says he has spoken to Ron DeSantis about the Surfside building disaster and has offered federal help. And I bet our President didn’t tell the Florida governor to rake anything.

Sad irony, one of the missing women in the Surfside condo collapse is a lawyer who, per NY Daily News “specializes in representing building owners, contractors and developers who run afoul of city codes and regulations.”

Frontier Airlines instituted then rescinded a $1.59 per flight segment “COVID recovery charge” after bad press and passenger complaints. So wonder how many other airlines dropped planned “COVID recovery charges” they were planning on instituting this summer?

If Velveeta Voldemort thought it would have helped him get re-elected, he’d have cheerfully convinced his followers that seat belts were a Democratic hoax.

22 1/2 years isn’t as much as I would have liked. But it’s better than I was worried about him getting.

And don’t forget, Derek Chauvin still faces federal charges for murdering George Floyd.

There is nothing I do not like about this headline: “Trump Organization could face criminal charges in New York as soon as next week.”

Not quite worst to first, yet…

June 25, 2021

The Montreal Canadiens, who will now play the NY Islanders or Tampa Bay Lightning for the Stanley Cup, were the NHL team with the worst regular season record in the playoffs. Another team that had the worst regular season record in the postseason? The 2014 SF Giants.

The Dodgers just got no-hit by four Cubs pitchers. No punchline. No punch in LA bats either.

Japan’s Emperor Naruhito says he is”extremely worried” that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics could accelerate the spread of COVID-19. So will he be “extremely sad” after the Olympics when people start dying?

So how long until GOP condemns Nancy Pelosi’s House select committee into January 6 and demands a bipartisan investigation? Oh wait, never mind.

So it finally really is infrastructure week?

Both Manchin and Sinema were part of the infrastructure deal. So if McConnell finds a way to scuttle it will this be the cover they need at least to adjust the filibuster rule?

This IS in many way a chess game.


Has Mitch McConnell announced why he won’t vote for the infrastructure bill yet?

Mike Pence contradicts the Former Guy about the election the same week stories emerge that Ivanka is distancing herself from her father and Ron DeSantis is a more popular choice for many conservatives for President in 2024.
Maybe Pence figures his former boss will be too outraged at Ron and Ivanka to notice?

Anyone expecting Governor Ron DeSantis to tighten potentially lax building/inspection codes in Florida after today’s deadly condo collapse in Surfside, clearly hasn’t been following DeathSantis’s response to deaths from COVID.

We don’t know and may not know for a while what caused the horrific condominum collapse today in Surfside, Florida. But pretty sure it wasn’t too much government regulation.