Sign of the times

A major crash in the Tour De France today happened when a fan with a sign saying hello to their grandparents got too far into the course, and dozens of cyclists went down, including one whole (Jumbo Visma) team

If you needed any more proof that the world forgot how to behave during the last year of this pandemic.

We’re a LONG way from October. Less than halfway through the season. But the SF Giants, in June, have 50 wins. Las Vegas over-under on their wins for the season? 74.

On the other hand. I don’t care that SF Giants won Saturday night’s game.

I still hate the extra innings man on second rule. It shouldn’t kick in until at least the 11th or 12th inning.

Uh oh, Jacob deGrom gave up 2 runs in 6 innings Saturday. I hope this isn’t a sign of the apocalyse.

So not only was Stanford one strike away from eliminating Vanderbilt, it looks now like the Cardinal was one strike away from the CWS finals… As NC State basically eliminated themselves.

(for those not following, as I understand it, the NCAA didn’t mandate all players be vaccinated, but all unvaccinated players had to be tested, and positive tests meant testing the entire team….)

Headline “NC State’s baseball season ends in Omaha, dealt a final defeat by COVID-19 protocols.” Better headline “NC State players’ decisions not to be vaccinated against COVID protocols ends their season” (and hopefully doesn’t end any lives.)

While some NCState players not being vaccinated caused team to be tested during College World Series, NCAA proves there is no situation they can’t make worse. None of 23,000 fans got tested. & “Masks are not required, though unvaccinated attendees are recommended to wear them.”

Fox News is actually headlining the Miami condo collapse on their website. But for some reason I can’t find any of their usual stories bashing Biden and Democrats for excessive government regulations.

Getting a lot of the “What’s your perfect White Claw moment” ads so finally figured I’d respond: My perfect White Claw moment is not drinking White Claw.

While media discusses the Former Guy’s cult rally anyone know what the actual President of the United States was doing on Saturday night? (insert crickets here.) Nice, isn’t it?

Dear Ohio: You put Sherrod Brown in the Senate. If you put Tim Ryan there to join him in 2022, Velveeta Voldemort will probably be so mad he’ll never come back to your state again. Love, democracy

Since I have to assume almost everyone at tonight’s MAGA rally is unvaccinated how long until Ohio and neighboring states have a big spike in Delta variant cases?

Guessing if you asked most Americans to name House Representative, other than their own, or maybe Pelosi/McCarthy, most of them would name AOC or Greene. That’s part of what is wrong w/ media & politics now. It’s not about making headlines, it SHOULD be about getting stuff done.

I’m so old that I remember when Republicans pretended they wanted most Americans to vote.

There are 34 Senate seats up for election in 2022 – 14 Democrats, 20 Republicans. Sinema and Manchin are NOT up for election until 2024. So can we as Democrats focus now on the seats we can actually potentially win next year? With a bigger blue majority they matter a lot less.

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