Man smart, woman smarter.

“The WNBA says 99% of league’s players are fully vaccinated, all 12 teams have met threshold.” If we needed any more evidence to shatter the myth of male supremacy.

Definition of impossible: Watching Angel Hernandez umpire a baseball game without putting any money in the virtual swear jar. #SFGiants#Dodgers

What time Tuesday does Vanderbilt get their College World Series trophy? (And will the Commodores thank NC State players who didn’t get vaccinated and basically handed them the championship.)

GOP Rep Adam Kinzinger & I disagree on a lot. But when asked about MT Greene -She really doesn’t do anything but travel country & attack people & come up w/crazy conspiracy theories & try to be famous. She’s done a good job of being famous. We all know her, so congratulations.”

Former Guy Chief of Staff Mark Meadows thinks it was “disgusting” Olympic athlete Gwen Berry turned away from flag during National Anthem at US Olympic trials. What Meadows didn’t call “disgusting?” Insurrectionists using flag poles to attack police at US Capitol on January 6.

Rachel Maddow reports how the Apple Daily, last pro-democracy Hong Kong newspaper sold final issue last Thursday & today police arrested one of their journalists trying to board a plane to London. If The Former Guy had won re-election this could be happening here. No joke.

So who’s gonna be the first Republican to attack Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 commission for not being bipartisan enough? Gosh, if only there had been an option for a truly bipartisan commission.. #sarcasm

Fox News headline Monday was “Cops under siege.” I missed that headline about January 6.-

Interesting stat from Hawaii Tourism Authority on visitors in late May. While 76% rated trip excellent, “those w/ household income below $100,000 were more satisfied w/ their trip than those w/ household income above $100,000.” Translation, rich ARE more likely to be snowflakes.

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