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Starting finals…

July 6, 2021

NBA Finals start Tuesday night, best of seven.

With four wins the Phoenix Suns can not only win a championship – they could again end up with more wins in July than the Diamondbacks.

(The Suns already won more games against the Clippers than the Dbacks did in June.)

Look, Sha’Carri Richardson admitted she knew the rules and owned her mistake with marijuana. But underage drinking is also illegal in many countries, so should athletes under 21 be tested for that too?

As SF Giants fan, good seeing Dave Stewart criticize LA for originally doing nothing about Trevor Bauer “Dodgers should have stepped up & they didn’t. You’ve got to have character standards.”

But espec. after 1989, seems really weird to have former Oakland A’s star Dave Stewart described as “Former Dodger,”

Joe West would be a lot more infamous were it not for Angel Hernandez. Just saying.

Georgia, now Arizona… well, at least in California we know Velveeta Voldemort didn’t bother to call our Secretary of State after the election.

As COVID cases start rising in red states what’s the GOP going to do? Downplay the numbers? Or try to figure out a way to blame it on Biden?

Florida has 6.5% of the US population. Florida has about 17% REPORTED of all COVID new cases in the US. Thank you, Governor Ron DeSantis. #DeathSantis

And it’s got to be much worse than that. DeSantis says COVID is basically harmless so if you’re a cult member and if you feel mildly sick there is no way you’ll go get tested…

Not thinking you need to get the COVID vaccine because most other people are vaccinated is as stupid as deciding you don’t need to obey traffic laws on the highway because most other people are driving safely.

Before seatbelt laws in California, my doctor warned us patients – you might survive auto-accident but if your face goes through windshield you’ll be scarred for life. It was effective. Wonder if we tell anti-vaxxers COVID may not kill them but will give them longterm ED?

West Virginia has COVID vaccine lottery – prizes range from cash to pickup trucks to guns to hunting licenses, even hunting rifles .

Gov. Jim Justice to vaccine hesitant “if you’re vaccinated, we’re going to give you stuff… well you’ve got another lottery going on. And it’s the death lottery.”

Store I was in today had sign “Masks required for unvaccinated people.” Except unvaccinated people are often the same people who don’t think they need to wear masks. I’m vaxxed AND keeping my mask on in stores.

Another suggestion for Biden to increase vaccine rates would be to remind Americans of very common long term side effect – lost of sense of taste & smell. Has happened to 2 younger people I know-

Possible PSA “Get the vaccine or all beer will taste like Bud Light?”