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Because NOTHING is Urban Meyer’s fault.

August 31, 2021

New Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer said he a player’s vaccination status into consideration during final roster cuts.

Well, yeah, a player’s vaccination status might cause the team to forfeit a game.

Unlike a coach being credibly accused of domestic violence – Zach Smith at OSU – or a player being a suspect in a murder -Aaron Hernandez at Florida. Priorities.

Patriots released Cam Newton, after QB missed 3 practices due to ‘misunderstanding’ of Covid protocols. Ask if he’s been vaccinated- Cam says it’s ‘too personal.’ NFL says unvaxxed players testing positive means a forfeit. So NE figured personal for you, strictly business for us?

Kevin McCarthy is now threatening telecom companies not to release phone records for January 6.

You know who doesn’t care if phone and text records are released from January 6?

People with nothing to hide.

And so it begins – as travel agent I have clients in German resort hotel this fall Just got email – “A stay is currently not possible for guests who have been in US in 10 days prior to arrival & are not fully vaccinated.” Good for them. My clients ARE vaccinated. #GetVaccinatedNow

GOP is clutching their pearls about the fate of women under the Taliban But GOP in places like Texas is treating women as if Republicans were the American Taliban.

Rachel Maddow pointed out how a new Texas law at midnight will make abortion illegal at 6 weeks. Law makes it possible for random private citizens to SUE anyone they claim helps a woman have an abortion. So if you drive friend to a clinic… If you’re not afraid you’re not paying attention.

Think you’re safe in a blue state…even if you live elsewhere, if you give a friend advice or offer to have her stay with you, you could be sued by a Texan.

So if a man in Texas tells his pregnant partner he doesn’t want her to have a baby is that now grounds for the woman or any of her friends to sue him under the new Texas anti-abortion law?

Larry Elder, leading GOP candidate in recall election against Gavin Newsom has called #RoeVWade “one of the worst decisions that the Supreme Court ever handed down.” Can someone please ask Elder, on camera, what he thinks of the new Texas abortion law?

I have heard people say something like “I want to teach Gavin Newsom a lesson,” for French Laundry dinner, or some other misstep. Fine, after Sept 14 maybe we can discuss a dunking booth for charity. But right now, for the good of California & our country vote no.,

President Biden reminded us US has spent $300,000,000 a day for for 20 years in Afghanistan

Yes, Three-hundred million dollars a day. So where are the GOP members of Congress who talk nonstop how we can’t afford to spend taxpayer money on social services and infrastructure?

A simple statement we don’t hear enough. George W. Bush got USA into Afghanistan. Joe Biden got USA out.

Down to you, New York, New York

August 30, 2021

Who had “The Mets making thumbs down signs to book their own fans?” on their 2021 batsh*t bingo card?

SF Giants, professional athletes in world class shape, looking like they have now 2, maybe 3 breakthrough cases of covid. But yeah, all these random people figure, “I’m in good shape, no way I’ll get the virus.”

Even travel articles these days have clickbait headlines: “E.U. bars the door to U.S. tourists amid surge.”

Actual story “E.U recommended its 27 nations reinstate restrictions on US tourists but member countries will keep option of allowing fully vaccinated U.S. travelers in.”

And for example, Italy will still allow US tourists after USA was taken off the “safe” list, but with much tighter restrictions. Ladies and gentlemen, anti-vaxxers have officially made us a sh*t hole country.

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico has been added to CDC’s list of “very high risk” destinations. Why isn’t the CDC being honest and putting Florida at the top of the list?

For a movie based on completely archaic concepts – chat rooms leading to AOL mail on dial up, plus super sized book stores – “You’ve Got Mail” is a completely charming movie that is a nice diversion these days. Okay, back to snark.

Sean Hannity “Because of the Biden administration, 13 Americans are dead.” Fixed it for him and Fox News. “Because of George W Bush adminstration, over 2,500 Americans are dead.

As awful as the damage from Ida is in Louisiana…. the levees basically held. Wonder if the anti-vax folks in the state realize that building levees, like creating vaccines, is science?

So has any conservative pundit attacked President Biden for not flying to New Orleans to throw paper towels yet?

Thinking that Afghan refugees are far less likely to be dangerous to the United States now than some number of unnamed GOP members of Congress were on January 6.

Lawyer John Pierce, who is defending nearly 20 US Capitol insurrection clients is reportly sick with COVID and hasn’t been appearing at recent court hearings. So can someone give Pierce some horse dewormer and be done with it?

Again, if you ask most Americans to name a member of Congress other than their own, guessing that many of them will name someone who accomplishes nothing more than saying outrageous things.

Anyone got Madison Cawthorn’s phone records from January 6? Asking for a country.

Mitch McConnell claims Joe Biden’s leaving Afghanistan “is one of the worst foreign policy decisions in American history.” His statement almost doesn’t need a punchline.

But gosh, mitch, anyone ask him if he remembers who got us INTO Afghanistan?

Silvery linings?

August 29, 2021

If there was anything to smile about for SF Giants on a day they lost 9-0 to the Atlanta Braves it might be this…

The Los Angeles Dodgers, later in the day played the Colorado Rockies, facing 2-9 pitcher Antonio Senzatela, and ended up having to pitch Justin Turner in the 9th. Dodgers lost 5-0.

Javier Baez, in response to being booed by fans at Citi Field, gave thumbs-down sign to the crowd during NY’s win today over the Nationals at Citi Field.

That’s so Mets.

(And if you needed proof that karma was watching..  Noah Syndergaard, who’s been vaccinated, was scratched from a rehab start Sunday because he tested positive for COVID-19,)

Kike Hernandez has tested positive for COVID-19 & will be sidelined indefinitely. Red Sox manager said Kike has symptoms but would not divulge whether Hernandez is vaccinated. Translation, he isn’t. When will they ever learn?

Hurricane Ida isn’t done yet. But looking like worst damage happening in rural & reddest parts of Louisiana. Joe Biden has already approved federal disaster relief & will not blame victims, even if they didn’t vote for him. Nice having a President for all Americans, isn’t it?

Was a huge fan of Mary Tyler Moore show so was especially saddened to hear of death of Ed Asner – forever Lou Grant.

But was around my son, his fiancee and their friends today – they were sad because “Oh, he was the ‘Up” guy.” I feel old.

Kid Rock has canceled shows because because many in his band have COVID. Well, since there are so many in GOP who think the virus is harmless, maybe they could do a show at a Republican rally?

If Gym Jordan is admitting he talked to the Former Guy on January 6 then the phone logs must be very damning indeed.

Small but important detail about Caleb Wallace, 30, the Freedom Rally organizer who died of COVID. His widow says Caleb got sick in July, but “He didn’t want to see a doctor, because he didn’t want to be part of statistics w/ COVID tests.” Florida & Texas are worse than we know.

Evacuated Afghans are being vaccinated against COVID near Washington DC’s Dulles airport soon after they arrive.. Another reason that despite GOP fearmongering, these refugees will be less dangerous than many American COVIDiots.

CNN lead every day were usually how calmly and responsibly Biden administration is dealing with difficult situations then they couldn’t scream “Breaking News” every 30 minutes. If they are that desperate for ratings perhaps they could try a daily half hour of cat videos.

I’m a proud Democrat. But I realize people can disagree on taxes, military, welfare etc. Never dreamed I’d see so many disagree on taking a free live-saving vaccine.

A tale of two headlines. Both from Fox News website:

Today “Blinken was vacationing in the Hamptons hours before Kabul fell.”

February “Ted Cruz: Wife Heidi ‘pretty p—ed’ over leaked text messages on Cancun trip.”

President Biden inherited a difficult situation in Afghanistan and did his best to save lives regardless of political consequences Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida had a pandemic happen and has done his best to sacrifice lives for his political ambitions. See the difference?

Saints be praised

August 28, 2021

NOW we’re talking. A New Orleans friend tells me Louisiana is apparently getting an uptick in vaccinations, because LSU and the Saints are REQUIRING proof of vaccination to go to football games!

The Colorado Rockies are now only nine games behind the San Diego Padres. And playing like they intend to catch them.

So how long until some MAGA promotes the theory that Velveeta Voldemort killed the Kabul bombing mastermind with his little hurricane altering Sharpie?

Ok, this is impressive. California lets you sign up to track ballots. Dropped my #NoOnRecall in mailbox yesterday. Just got a text from County Registrar of Voters “USPS has ballot & will deliver it to us soon. It’s great living in a state that believes everyone SHOULD vote.

Remember when a Trump supporter claiming to have a bomb threatened to blow up the Library of Congress last week? Neither does the media.7100261

No wonder some Republicans want to defund public schools. Schools teach math and science: CNN analysis of CDC data “More than 99.99% of people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 have not had a breakthrough case resulting in hospitalization or death.”

Caleb Wallace, who organized an anti-mask “Freedom Rally” is now in critical condition with Covid. Can we start making the theme song of these rallies “Live and Let Die?”

Maybe it’s just me but thinking that the Venn Diagram of cops we’d be better off with out of the police force and cops that don’t want to take the vaccine has a pretty considerable overlap.

I understand how horrible it must be for military widows/widowers to have young children grow up knowing their father/mother only through stories and pictures. But what will parents tell their children if daddy/mommy died because they fought a war against vaccines?

Look, I’m not a foreign policy expert & while I have opinions I’m not qualified to say if President Biden’s decisions on Afghanistan have been right. But if you condemn Joe for suicide bomber yesterday then it seems you HAVE to applaud him for taking out the ISIS-K leader today.

Don’t look now

August 26, 2021

But the Orioles have a two game winning streak.

In the NL West, the San Diego Padres are now closer to the 4th place Colorado Rockies than to the 2nd place Los Angeles Dodgers.

Donovan Solano apparently has COVID and will miss at least 7-10 days. No report if it’s a breakthrough case. But if he’s unvaccinated then while SF Giants may be justifiably proud of their “no pr*cks” team, they can no longer claim a “no idiots” team.

At this point there will probably be some great last minute deals on October cruises to Mexico with San Diego Padres players on board. And maybe some Mets.

Pac-12 says it’s not pursuing any plans for expansion at this time.

Translation, they can’t think of any teams from the remnants of the Big 12 worth adding – none closer to the Pacific than Texas Tech in Lubbock.

If we gave some of these GOP Governors stock in Pfizer, Moderna, and/or Johnson and Johnson would they push vaccines like Ron DeSantis is pushing Regeneron?

Have seen few Democrats in Calif. say they’re voting “yes” on recall to “teach Newsom a lesson.” Sorry, if you’re really a Democratis & you think “a lesson” is worth destruction one of GOP replacements on ballot will wreak on state you’re as bad as GOP refusing vaccines to “own the libs.”

Some untold number of Americans who insist not getting COVID vaccine demonstrates freedom, only have survived to adulthood because of vaccines against polio, tetanus, smallpox, diphtheria, e

Remember when all those Democrats immediately called for George W. Bush to resign after 9-11? Me neither.

We don’t know exact toll but yes, deaths in Kabul are awful. We do know 1165 Americans died here in US yesterday alone from COVID – also awful. But same GOP criticizing Biden for not saving lives in Afghanistan has no problem discouraging life-saving vaccines & masks at home

Listening to our “heartbroken but outraged” President today only hours after many including US soldiers were killed in Kabul, & thankful to have decent empathetic man in White House. TFG ignored Niger deaths for a week, then insulted widow of fallen Army Special Forces Sergeant..

So wonder where all the Republicans are today who usually say after mass shootings “it’s too soon to politicize these deaths?”

Thursday morning baseball

August 26, 2021

Dodgers and Padres inviting that rare camaraderie between West Coast night owls and East Coast early birds?

Irish coffees instead of beers anyone?

It’s tough to be an Baltimore Orioles fan. They actually won tonight, ending a 19 game losing streak, 2 losses short of AL record. That streak was set by the O’s themselves in 1988 when they started 0-21.

Meanwhile, Dodgers and Padres until th 15th have combined to go 2 for 37 with runners in scoring position.

Penalty kicks anyone?

Thought the SF Giants and NY Mets played a sloppy game tonight including on offense. LA Dodgers and SD Padres – hold our overpriced beer.

Tonight’s SF Giants motto. Better to be lucky than good. Starting with being lucky enough to play the Mets.

I thought the SF Giants and NY Mets played a sloppy game tonight including on offense. LA Dodgers and SD Padres – hold our overpriced beer.

Lindsey Graham tweeted. “On this, the third anniversary of John McCain’s passing – and given the chaos in the world – it reminds me and many others how much we miss his counsel and wisdom.

Uh, Senator Graham, to take the high road here, why don’t you try imagining what your good friend John would be saying to you right now?

Wonder how many people refusing to take a vaccine because they think something in it might be bad for them, regularly drink Slurpees and/or hard seltzer?

Bleeping spare me. Matt Gaetz about his elopement “Friday, I’m speaking in Nashua. So right before we got married, we were in Iowa; right after New Hampshire. It’s the life of a political couple.”

Uh, Rep Gaetz, Florida has worst COVID outbreak in USA. why aren’t you in YOUR state doing your job?

Media seems to be spending a lot more time castigating President Biden for not to doing enough to protect American lives in Afghanistan… than they are spending time castigating GOP politicians lying about COVID for not protecting American lives right here at home.

“Just say no” is often too simplistic a solution to a problem. Not in the case of the California gubernatorial recall.

Fox News and other conservative outlets are headlining how “24 California students, 16 parents stranded in Afghanistan after summer vacations.” Now, if this had happened under TFG, they’d be blaming the Californians for going over there in the first place.

Media seems to be spending a lot more time castigating President Biden for not to doing enough to protect American lives in Afghanistan… than they are spending time castigating GOP politicians lying about COVID for not protecting American lives right here at home.

This seems a good time to remind everyone that Erik Prince is Betsy Devos’s brother.

So in the spirit of bipartisanism, and since House Minority Leader seems to care so much about it, could Joe Biden nominate Kevin McCarthy as Ambassador to Afghanistan?-

Amy Klobuchar tonight on The Last Word w/ Lawrence O’Donnell reminds us Lisa Murkowski has supported John Lewis Voting Act. We just need 50 votes + a rule to justify the bill as exemption from filibuster exemption. My money’s on Chair of Rules committee figuring out that rule.

Can anyone give an example of one time Democrats tried to make it harder for Republicans to vote? I’ll wait.

81 games

August 25, 2021

Non-political outrage for a change: ESPN headline “Is Dodgers-Padres still MLB’s best rivalry? Uh the chopped-liver 81-44 SF Giants would like to opine that it was NEVER MLB’s best rivalry.

And as of August 24, if the SF Giants don’t win another game all year they will finish at .500.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants the Cowboys to kead the NFL in vaccination percentage, and said today “You certainly don’t want to be doing anything that causes your teammates to not be available… you agreed to as a player to be part of a team… be a part of a team,”

Damn, how bad is COVID that it has me praising Jerry Jones?

Why travel agents drink: A client just asked me about COVID requirements to travel to Costa Rica in February 2022.

So trivial in the grand scheme of things but I do miss those simpler times when we could have outraged arguments on Twitter over whether the fall return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes is a good thing or an abomination.

Arnold Schwarzenegger lost sports supplement sponsor for criticizing anti-vaxxers & maskers “Screw your freedom!” Founder stated “REDCON1 is patriotic pro-freedom brand. We support freedom of choice.” Wonder if that extends to abortion rights?

One of those stories I had to double check to make sure it wasn’t satire: National Rifle Association just announced they’ve canceled Sept 3-5 annual meeting because of worsening Covid-19 situation in Houston. Is this 1st time Texas has behaved too stupidly for the NRA?

Today with the infrastructure bill passing the House, along with the John Lewis voting rights bill, reminds us why GOP hates Nancy Pelosi so much: Madame Speaker is supremely good at her job.

White House jobs used to be a stepping stone to all kinds of foundations and positions on major boards. With the Former Guy they became gateways to Fox News.

Dear media: After four years of the Former Guy, a competent administration trying to do the best job possible in difficult situations IS “Breaking News.” Try reporting it that way!

Thinking I am not the only woman who sure hopes people are recording all these Republicans shouting how government has no business making personal choices for you and telling you what to do with your body.

Something’s got to give.

August 23, 2021

Baltimore Orioles have lost 18 in a row and are now 38 and 85.

But the Orioles have a series in late September with the Texas Rangers who are 43 and 81.

“So you are saying there’s a chance.”

While I felt bad about Bruce Bochy leaving, was told to give new manager Gabe Kapler a chance – “he’s even a Democrat.” Kapler asked about SF Giants losing streak entering Saturday “We lost two in a row, right? Just making sure.” Snarky too!

Quarterback Cam Newton will stay away from New Engalnd Patriots until Thursday. due to “misunderstanding” on COVID-19 tests “conducted away from NFL facilities.” Only unvaccinated players need regular tests. Thinking, if you’re not smart enough to get vaxxed, you’re not smart enough to be an NFL QB.

“Lara Trump, Senior Investigative Journalist?” Again, that moment when I realize I could work all night and never write a line as funny as that.


So with all the conservative media having been apoplectic over Former President Obama’s vaccinated-guests-only birthday party, how did I miss their equal outrage over the Former Guy’s unmasked and unvaccinated rally.?

I’m old enough remember my dad driving cross country almost every year to visit my grandparents. No seatbelts. Ever Took while to get used to seatbelt laws. But seatbelts sure beat flying through windshield if you crash. Same as masks sure beats getting even “mild” case of COVID

Any time as a woman you look back and think, I’ve made some foolish choices in my life, think on this – someone just married Matt Gaetz.

WTF? Fox on Sunday blaming Jill Biden for Afghanistan? Because it was easier than coming up with a reason to blame Hillary?

Per SF Chronicle ” Larry Elder has campaigned on reversing mask and vaccine mandates tied to the pandemic, has downplayed the climate crisis and the effects of racism, and would seek to eliminate the minimum wage.”

So if you live in California, and support what California Recalll Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Elder wants, why haven’t you moved to Florida or Texas by now?

Rachel Maddow reminds us tonight that Congressman Mo Brooks is running for the Senate in Alabama with Richard Shelby retiring. So Tommy Tuberville might not only become Alabama’s Senior Senator, but also might he become the less awful one?

Dear Pete and Chasten Buttigieg. America is looking for good news. Where’s the baby picture?

Amazing how some in GOP & media attacking California by echoing Former Guy saying we needed to rake our forests to avoid wildfires, won’t tell Gulf Coast states to get people vaccinated/wearing masks to keep COVID frm spreading like wildfire.

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine just got the FDA’s full approval. So NOW what excuse will MAGAs etc use who claim their reason for not getting the shot is that it’s experimental?

Proposed new rule. Any politician or pundit who opines on TV about COVID must first disclose his or her vaccination status.

Again, if Republicans were mostly vaccinated, COVID would be more under control and the US would feel much happier and more optimistic as a whole. GOP literally wants their voters to be COVID fodder for their war on Biden.

Numbers game.

August 21, 2021

123 games into the MLB season, the Arizona Diamondbacks are 38 games out of 1st and 26 games out of the 2nd wild card. So yes, even with 2 wild cards Dbacks may manage to get themselves eliminated from the postseason in August.

Instead of new “City Connect” jerseys at this point can the NY Mets just wear a white flag?

(The Mets have won one game in the last nine, and that was a 12 inning game where the SF Giants pitcher hurt his ankle in the 2nd and Giants needed to fill 10 innings from their bullpen, finally running out of gas.)

Penn State AD Sandy Barbour says the “Big Ten has more than money on its mind while exploring alliance with Pac-12, ACC.”

Uh, the word “than” is unnecessary.

Reports that Biden administration may compel commercial US airlines to help transport Afghan evacuees. But surely President Biden won’t enlist Spirit Airlines. Those poor people have suffered enough.

When the FDA fully approves the Pfizer vaccine wonder what the next MAGA excuse will be?

So as Kamala Harris flew to Asia this weekend, did Joe Biden have her stay at one of his hotels, as TFG did with his VP, & had Mike Pence spend $600,000 in taxpayer $$ for a two day stay at his Irish golf resort? Oh that’s right, President Biden doesn’t have a hotel.

ICYMI, US reported 319,456 new COVID cases last week…150,118 of them were in Florida. Ron DeSantis won in 2018 by 32,500 votes.Voters who are still alive in 2022 can fix this mistake.

The guy who threatened to blow up the Library of Congress has disappeared from the news cycle, especially on Fox News. Now, had he been an immigrant or POC the story on conservative media would have rivaled Afghanistan.-

So let me get this straight, many MAGAs don’t want to get vaccinated against COVID because almost 5 billion doses given isn’t reassuring enough? While they are okay with trying ivermectin, a deworming drug intended for livestock? But it’s wrong to call them stupid.

Not saying President Biden should be immune from criticism but some in media claiming outrage because he was going to his home in Delaware this weekend instead of staying at the White House. Because they don’t have cell service and computers in Wilmington? WTAF?

Strange relief

August 20, 2021

Duke University is looking into bacteria outbreak at Coach K’s basketball fantasy camp for adults.

Phrase heard for the first time? – “Oh, thank goodness, it’s only Legionella.”

Arizona Diamondbacks’ pitcher Caleb Smith ejected after foreign-substance check. He says the spots on glove were dirt.

Am inclined to believe him. Does anyone really think based on the Dbacks’ record that they’re cheating?

California governor candidate Larry Elder says employers should be allowed to ask women if they plan to have children. So why isn’t he running in Florida or Texas?

In the race to the bottom in Texas, Dan Patrick, who is falsely blaming a rise in state COVID cases on unvaccinated Black people, is giving Greg Abbott a run for his money.

So Larry Elder is also trending over allegedly pulling gun on his ex-fiancee.

Again, Gavin Newsom is up for re-election in 2022. Don’t like him? Find good Democratic party challenger. Or pick good GOP challenger in the general. But this recall is a circus. Don’t feed the elephants

Alabama is out of of ICU beds and Velveeta Voldemort is having a maskless rally there Saturday. Well, since attendees don’t believe in medical science maybe they will just go home and avoid hospitals if they get sick?

If Republicans really care about foreign policy and our safety around the world maybe they could prevail upon Ted Cruz to stop holding up almost all of Biden’s state department appointees?11540

Once some of them escape, GOP is going to care as much for women and children of Afghanistan as they care about poor children in the US once they are actually born.

Covid is going to be a pre-existing condition for health insurance. NOW how do you feel about Obamacare?

Where credit is due.

August 19, 2021

(oops, this didnt’ publish two days ago.)

Dear Cubs. Thank you. SF Giants fans.

(For Kris Bryant)

No idea who will win the NL or the World Series. But can we give SF Giants’ Gabe Kapler “Manager of the Year” and be done with it?

So with Tebow being cut as a tight end from the Jacksonville Jaguars…. how long until Tim announces his NFL tryouts as a long snapper?

My better angels were not happy with my reaction when I heard Texas Governor Greg Abbott has COVID

So did Velveeta Voldemort send Greg Abbott some of his special recipe Covid curing bleach?

ICYMI we’ve gotten tetanus booster shots for decades and nobody made it political.

But Whoever thought the decision whether or not to get a life-saving vaccine would become an IQ-test?

Have two travel industry meetings this fall, one in Texas, one in Las Vegas. BOTH are now open to vaccinated participants only. Governors may be COVIDiots but businesses who understand about travel are not.

Same folks who claim they don’t want to be guinea pigs for a well-tested vaccine are now guinea pigs for an experiment in what happens when a virus has millions of unvaccinated petri dishes in which to mutate.

Lauren Boebert is reminding us all that Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t have a lock on the title “Worst woman in Congress.”

Most conservatives wringing their hands over the plight of the poor women and children trying to escape horrors in Afghanistan have been attacking women and children trying to escape horrors in Central and South America.

For anyone who lives in or knows someone who lives in Calfornia. – saw on Next Door woman saying she & husband were confused by sample ballot & real ballot for California gubernatorial recall & almost sent back the wrong one. I remember Florida butterfly ballot debacle with Gore/Buchanan. So it’s not just “Vote no,” it’s “vote no, CAREFULLY.”

Lost weekend

August 15, 2021

Dear Mets. Thanks for NOTHING. Sincerely, SF Giants fans. #BeatLA

Reliever Tyler Gilbert made first big league appearance for Arizona Diamondbacks Aug 3.

He’d pitched 3.2 innings total until August 14, including Aug 5 loss against SF Giants because runner from 2nd scored. Saurday night he threw a no-hitter against SD Padres.

Baseball is the best game.

Whether he comes back in the 2021 season or no, Mets are making the specter of facing Jacob DeGrom in the playoffs about as likely as running into the Headless Horseman on the Brooklyn Bridge.

There is now apparently another woman who had accused Trevor Bauer of violence during sex and got a temporary order of protection in 2020.

Look, I get innocent until proven guilty – but did any woman read those accusations against Trevor Bauer and think that was the first time he’d allegedly done anything like that?

I know, money talks…. but when you go online on your phone with ESPN looking for scores, and it gives you NFL bleeping pre-season as “top-events” instead of MLB pennant race games??

Heard Barack Obama once kept Maureen Dowd waiting for an interview. If so she’d have to be a petty little person indeed to still hold a grudge. Enough said.

There are petitions going around about recalling Ron DeSantis. As much as I can’t stand DeathSantis, don’t waste the energy. Work on voting him OUT in 2022. Per ballotpedia – “Florida recall law does not pertain to elected state officials, such as the governor.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s latest way of dismissing the pandemic is dismissing it now as “COVID season.” Uh, the state is also entering “hurricane season.” Does DeathSantis mean people should stop taking precautions for storms too?

Situation in Afghanistan is tragic. But this line “signaling the end of a 20-year Western experiment aimed at remaking Afghanistan….” Has ANY Western experiment ever worked to remake Afghanistan?

Many of the same people attacking President Biden now would be screaming bloody murder if he had offered asylum to all our translators and other allies in Afghanistan.

Fox News attacking President Biden about Afghanistan – after wholeheartedly cheering on Cheney et all getting us into that war, is like an arsonist complaining about the job the firefighters are doing.

All you need to know about Fox News coverage of Afghanistan – anything Joe Biden did would have been wrong.

Not all Republicans don’t believe in science. Some know better but have politicized COVID. But wonder if GOP figured Biden would’ve had vaccine mandates by now? Pandemic might be under control but they could’ve lied that it would’ve happened without “government overreach.”

Half a game to go

August 14, 2021

Not counting chickens or anything but… hey, the SF Giants with their 75th win are now one half game away from the 75.5 games over-under Vegas had them for winning the entire season.

Random baseball weirdness: The Philadelphia Phillies, currently leading the NL East, would be five games behind the SD Padres, who currently hold the second wild card. (Yes, the NL West is that good.)

During a time where our country seems divided on just about everything, at least we seem to have universal agreement that Jeopardy blew the choosing a new host decision.

Fox News still obsessed with Obama’s birthday party.

Dear Fox: Unlike the Former Guy, Barack and his supporters KNOW he’s no longer President. Sincerely, America

Contra Costa county finally doing what I thought made sense weeks ago. $100 reward, not for the person getting vaccinated, but for the person who brings them in.

Heck, we pay people to gather signatures for petitions, this is FAR more valuable.

(Personally, I’m good with a prize for the person getting the vaccine AND the person who convinced them)

So when is Marjorie Taylor Greene going to visit a COVID ward in a Georgia hospital and tell all the patients they have nothing to worry about?

Open note from a California voter to everyone who says Feinstein should retire NOW. State politics are very factionalized & many have strong favorites to replace her. Anyone Newsom might choose would upset some people. In some cases, enough not to vote for him out of pique.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis telling residents to “review disaster plans” as Tropical Storm Fred approaches. Uh, weather forecasting is as much science as medicine is. So why isn’t DeathSantis telling Floridians to ignore forecasts too?

Wonder if what will certainly be stories about rich and privileged people trying to cheat to get COVID boosters early will encourage some of the vaccine hesitant to get their shots?

If you believe religion gives businesses the right to turn down serving gay customers then seems fair that you believe science gives businesses the right not to serve unvaccinated customers.

Covid and the delta variant is justifiably dominating headlines but at some point can we have a moment to discuss how GOP is both claiming immigrants will take our jobs and complaining business can’t get enough workers?

Late night LaMonte.

August 13, 2021

It never gets old typing this – Dear Minnesota Twins, thank you SO much for the gift of Lamonte Wade,Jr. And to Twins fans…. he’s completely charming, humble, chatty, son of postal workers. The 2021 SF Giants bandwagon would love to have you on board.

Alabama football coach Nick Saban says team is 90% vaccinated but staff & team will wear masks & follow protocols for next 6 weeks. Former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville on a press call urged people not to be “hardheaded” against getting vaccine. All hail the God of Football.

Stephen Colbert points out the LSU Tiger mascot is vaccinated….but less than 38% of Louisiana residents are vaccinated. Why there is no satire…

Now it’s the Pac 12 saying football teams must forfeit if unable to play due to COVID-19 cases. This could get interesting. Some folks who don’t believe in science DO believe in football.

Would any of these chicken-hawks criticizing Joe Biden for withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan like to tell us when they and/or their children are enlisting?

The Villages is wealthy mostly conservative and white place. It now has about 130,000 people & “over 90 gate facilities spread throughout community.” Well, proportional to what GOP is doing in places like Houston and Atlanta, the Villages should have maybe ONE polling place?

Mike Lindell needs to put a pillow in it.

Will say again and not for last time. All you need to know about what GOP is trying to do to change voting – you never see a rally of rich suburban white people claiming that it’s going to be harder for them to vote.

We get flu shots every year, what’s the big deal with a COVID booster shot?

Actually beginning to think GOP WANTS Biden to impose federal vaccine/mask rules. Both would save many lives, but then Republicans could claim America would have beaten COVID with no rules, and just attack our President and Democrats for government overreach.

Not heads up?

August 12, 2021

LaMonte Wade Jr hits a home run off the glove of Ketel Marte tonight. Somewhere Jose Canseco might be thinking “he should have used his head?

Despite the Red Sox 20-8 win against the Rays Wednesday, Tampa Bay’s Tuesday rally to win 8-4 against Boston has Rays lead in AL East is still at four games. What’s ESPN going to do if neither the Red Sox nor Yankees end up in MLB playoffs?-

ICYMI, late Tuesday afternoon, former Stanford football player Cory Booker did to former Auburn etc coach Tommy Tuberville what Christian McCaffery did to Iowa in the Rose Bowl.

Hunter Biden is a great barometer. If conservative media is putting him in the headlines, President Biden (and Democrats) must have had a very good day indeed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the New York Governor is resigning. But Fox News is spending more time this week with stories on allegations against Andrew Cuomo than they did in four years on allegations of sexual assault against the Former Guy.

Anyone remember that exponential math problem in school, would you rather be paid $100 day for a month, or penny on day 1, 2 cents on day 2, 4 on day 3, doubling each day? That second option is like sadly like US COVID Delta surge right now.

Fox News and other conservative media apoplectic over news anchor Chris Cuomo actually having conversations with his Governor brother. Missed their outrage when the failed fashion designer was appointed as a senior advisor to her President father.

To file recall petition against Calif Gov, just need petition signed by 65 voters. To qualify for ballot, signatures from 12% of voters in last gubernatorial election. That’s it.

Florida has no such system. Sadly. Wonder how long it would take to get 12% of Florida voters to sign such a petition now. Starting with signature gatherers outside schools and hospitals.

And for non-California voters: SIX recall petitions were filed against Gov. Newsom in 2 yrs.

Recall petitions are sport here. None came close to qualifying until Gavin’s French Laundry dinner. Dinner was stupid mistake, but recall is like serving an ant killed w/ sledgehammer for dessert.

Oops, error – on hitting send….

August 11, 2021

So how many SF Giants fans on the East Coast saw the Giants go up 5-0 on the Diamondbacks, and went to be figuring “well, this game is over.” They were sort of right.

But in case you missed it, this was just lovely. #ForeverGiant Madison Bumgarner.

After Tuberville proposes amendment against defunding police, Cory Booker w/ moment of day: “Would love to hug my colleague from AL. Some say we want to defund the police…we can put to bed this scurrilous accusation. Vote for the amendment. Unanimously! Along w/ God country & apple pie.”

(And they voted for it, 99-0.)

Former Stanford football player Cory Booker just did to former coach Tommy Tuberville on the Senate Floor what Christian McCaffrey did to the Iowa defense in the 2016 Rose Bowl.

Mitch McConnell, the man who changed the rules twice to steal TWO SCOTUS seats, has the audacity to accuse Democrats who support voting rights of trying to “rewrite the ground rules of our democracy.” Irony, your late night regular table is ready.

Lindsey Graham speaking earlier today against budget resolution & complaining about Democratic Senators trying to get around rules because they have a majority. Gosh, I missed Lindsey’s crisis of conscience when GOP rammed through Amy Comey Barrett’s lifetime SCOTUS appt in about 30 days.

Republicans and Democrats agree on one thing: Democrats who are credibly accused of sexual misconduct should resign.

So neither of Florida’s Senators voted for the infrastructure bill. Does this mean they think Florida should reject federal government money for bridges, water, roads, etc?

Lots of headlines like “here come vaccine mandates.” But if you’ve been to school in the US, or had kids in school, or traveled to some countries, you’ve ALREADY been subject to vaccine mandates.

Wow. Just making all Senators stay in chamber has gotten Vote-A-Rama on Democratic budget reconciliation plan voted on by 4am, well before sunrise.This speaks very well to the positive changes that might come just from a talking filibuster!

How much would I love with one of these Vote-a-rama late night circuses for Senate Democrats to show up in tasteful pajamas?

The Pied Piper took kids away because the people of Hamlin didn’t pay him. Ron DeSantis may be taking Florida’s children away because he wants to be re-elected and then run for President.

Fox News refers to Cuomo as Grope Gov. So when are they refering to Velveeta Voldemort as Predator Pres?

COVID is killing people. But misinformation is the virus’s most dangerous accomplice.

What day is it?

August 10, 2021

As confusing as all the tape-delay and streaming was, I guess the Tokyo Olympics are over. But seriously how would we know?

As a sports fan I understand and accept I may root for players who have very different political views than I do. And that’s fine.

But for Aubrey Huff I will make an exception. Bye Felicia, and take your thong with you.

(Huff was finally banned off Twitter for hate and misinformation.)

Djokovic, withdrawing from a tennis tournament in Cincinnati where he is defending champion “Dear fans, I wanted to share w/ you I’m taking bit longer to recover & recuperate after quite taxing journey from Australia to Tokyo

Djokovic on Simone Biles “If you’re aiming to be top of game, better start learning how to deal w/ pressure & how to cope…”

Gov. Greg Abbott now taking COVID seriously enough that “Texas will ask healthcare workers from other states to assist w/ its surge in COVID-19 cases.”

More I think about this angrier I get. So if your state, betwee good leadership & good behavior, has COVID numbers somewhat under control, he think you should put yourself at risk in Texas?

Everyone who is regularly beating a drum for Dianne Feinstein to resign should be forced to spend an hour listening to Chuck Grassley.

Grassley Monday was going off about Democrats so-called obsession with the Former Guy and acting like Dems should just let all this investigating go…

Wonder if Chuck Grassley also said – “You’ve been obsessed with the Confederacy for years, President Lincoln, take a night off and go to the theater.”

As Republican Senators decide tonight if they will vote for or against the infrastructure bill, wonder if any of them tried suggesting to cut the $1.2 trillion cost by refusing money for their own states?

The scariest thing about all the stories we’re learning about how close we came to a real coup in America – is that it’s pretty sure we don’t know close to all the stories.


Actually included in a Honololu hotel’s resort fee. “Complimentary incoming faxes.” And most travelers under 40 are going “what are faxes?”

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised Alabama has the lowest percentage of vaccinated adults (35%) in the USA. They had a chance to keep Doug Jones and replaced him with Tommy Tuberville.

As of today, Alabama is the only state to have fully vaccinated less than 35% of residents. “Sweet home, Alabama” isn’t supposed to be about funeral homes.

CDC has just added Aruba, Eswatini, France, French Polynesia, Iceland, Israel, Thailand to the “very high risk” travel list. Time for CDC to be realistic and add “Florida” to the list.

Josh Hawley says adding broadband into the infrastructure bill is a “woke left political agenda.” Would Hawley like to try to exist without internet for 24 hours? I am sure some Democratic senator would be happy to find a safe place to store Josh’s phone.

My grandparents took me to South America when I was a teenager. It was pretty simple, if you wanted to travel there, you got vaccinated and got a yellow vaccine card. Nobody’s head exploded. Those were the days.

Wonder how many of these people, especially on Fox News, lying about the dangers of a piece of cloth on your face to ward off COVID have done stuff like… I don’t know, injected a botulinum toxin into their faces to ward off wrinkles?

House money

August 9, 2021

In Las Vegas before 2021 season the over-under on SF Giants wins was 75.5.

(They hit 71 on August 8.)

Four home runs in three games. How many SF Giants did it take to drag Brandon Belt onto the plane out of Milwaukee.?

Dolphins TE Adam Shaheen is complaining about NFL trying to “strong arm” him, but his decision not to get vaccinated is “bigger than COVID.” Is he really daring the virus?

If Ron DeSantis was the mayor of Amity Island he’d be encouraging tourists to keep coming because the shark only killed a person every few days.

RIP Bobby Bowden. Wasn’t a fan of his politics, but he was a heckuva coach . And decades ago he supported idea of paying players an allowance so they had enough for an occasional night out, to eliminate temptation to take $$$ illegally.

Whatever happens in this season, on a regular basis as an SF Giants fan have to thank the Minnesota Twins for LaMonte Wade, Jr.

So somehow I missed all the end of Olympics stories from the haters reiterating about how making Gregg Popovich the coach of USA men’s basketball team was a really stupid idea.

GOP and Fox News are again making things very clear: If you’re a woman and are sexually harassed or assaulted by a Democrat they’ll have your back. If you’re a woman and are sexually harassed or assaulted by a Republican they’ll call you a liar or worse

The Delta variant is “so contagious that those who were not previously infected or have not been vaccinated will likely get it.” Another liberal fearmonger? Nope, Scott Gottlieb, head of FDA in the Trump administration..

Headline after a week with MANY cancellations: “Spirit Airlines Troubles – Stranded passengers and a hopeful CEO mark Day 7.” Although if the airline gets it together, the passengers still have to deal with actually flying Spirit.

California GOP voted today not to endorse any candidate in recall election against Governor Gavin Newsom, supposedly to avoid nasty infighting within the party. Or could it be because even Republicans know they have no decent candidate?

Yes, SF Bay Area has high housing prices, traffic & other problems… But there are many compensations: Very proud of my Santa Clara County – “More than 84% of residents 12 & older have received at least one dose of vaccine & 79.3 % have completed their vaccinations.”

If GOP Senators REALLY object to the infrastructure bill they can stand on principle and refuse all money for their states for water, bridges, roads, etc.

Golden redemption

August 7, 2021

I’m so old I can remember when many sports fans were calling for Gregg Popovich to be fired as coach of USA men’s team basketball. Like, last week?

So as some in GOP claim USWNT lost for being too “woke.” Gregg Popovich is the NBA’s most liberal coach & one of the most “woke” men in sports.

Going back before most people had heard of the term “woke.”

Angels win over Dodgers in 10 innings.

Do we SF Giants fans get to chant “Beat LA?”

Asked if he’d been vaccinated Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins responded “I said it’s just a very private health decision and I’m going to keep it private as such.” Translation, he hasn’t been vaccinated.

All these vaccinated GOP leaders and pundits attacking vaccine mandates would have been applauding the Titanic’s decision to carry limited lifeboats… while making sure they were the first into the boats themselves.

Travel agents checking rates at Trump hotel DC get this:


Enroll in Trump card?

Don’t suppose it could be a “Go to jail” card?”

In an attempt to win the Vietnam war, underprivileged young men were sent overseas as cannon fodder. Now in an attempt to win elections, GOP leaders are turning underprivileged Americans, including children, into COVID fodder.

New DeSantis slogan. “People are dying to vacation in Florida.”

Yet another reason for Florida to elect Nikki Fried in 2022: If the state gets a Governor who actually cares about keeping people safe, in the long run it means a lot more tourist dollars if smart folks aren’t terrified to visit.

United Airlines says all their employees will need to be vaccinated. Has Ron DeSantis banned the airline from flying to Florida yet?

Noting that because of the Delta variant, some conservative media still attacking President Obama even for his scaled down birthday party. So can we save all their comments for the next Velveeta Voldemort rally?

Fox News actually really doesn’t want Andrew Cuomo to resign. Without that story & their faux outrage Fox would have to find other ways to fill air time other than acknowledging COVID surges in Florida and Texas etc.

Reminder to all California voters annoyed w/ Gavin Newsom for whatever reason. There’s primary in 10 months, general election in Nov 2022. Two chances to decide if Gavin’s done his job well enough for a 2nd term. This recall, however, is just a circus. Don’t feed the elephants.

Down but never out.

August 6, 2021

As it turns out, they won in 10 innings. But whatever had happened after the ninth in Thursday’s game against Arizona Diamondbacks, if you hadn’t learned this already, NEVER turn an SF Giants game off early.

(Giants were down 4-0 in 9th. And 4-2 with 2 out in 9th)

So as some haters still want to attack U.S. women’s soccer team for only winning bronze, remind me, what medal the U.S. men’s soccer team is in contention for…?

Tom Brady attending Peyton Manning’s HOF ceremony “I always looked up to Peyton because he was a little older than me and always doing things the right way.”A “little older?” All of about 18 months.

Kris Bryant looks and sounds really happy to be in San Francisco. Thank you Cubbies.

Bears’ Jimmy Graham, whining he was “basically forced into getting vaccine. Now I’m just confused @NFLPA.” He feels like “he’s being punished” because NFL may add daily testing for all due to Delta Variant. Not sure what Graham majored in at Miami – guessing it wasn’t science.

A $5,800 bottle of whiskey given to Mike Pompeo by Japan has disappeared. Pompeo says “It never got to me.” And why should we doubt anything someone from Velveeta Voldemort’s administration says?

Maybe the first clue we had that the Former Guy was trying to overturn the election – he TOLD us he was trying to overturn the election. “When someone tells you who they are…”

Republican Congressman Ralph Norman, who’s suing Pelosi over a $500 fine for not wearing a mask during a floor vote, now says he has Covid-19.

Wonder with Congressional health insurance if $500 is more or less than his deductible.

Some GOP & conservative pundits still attacking President Obama for his scaled down birthday party. Gosh, I missed their attacks on Velveeta Voldemort’s past and upcoming rallies.

Fox News headline “Sen. Rand Paul: Nothing more ‘authoritarian’ than no-fly list for unvaccinated people.” Gosh, does Paul think next sign of authoritarianism could be airlines start demanding a card to fly showing your picture, height, weight, address & date of birth…?