Don’t look now

But the Orioles have a two game winning streak.

In the NL West, the San Diego Padres are now closer to the 4th place Colorado Rockies than to the 2nd place Los Angeles Dodgers.

Donovan Solano apparently has COVID and will miss at least 7-10 days. No report if it’s a breakthrough case. But if he’s unvaccinated then while SF Giants may be justifiably proud of their “no pr*cks” team, they can no longer claim a “no idiots” team.

At this point there will probably be some great last minute deals on October cruises to Mexico with San Diego Padres players on board. And maybe some Mets.

Pac-12 says it’s not pursuing any plans for expansion at this time.

Translation, they can’t think of any teams from the remnants of the Big 12 worth adding – none closer to the Pacific than Texas Tech in Lubbock.

If we gave some of these GOP Governors stock in Pfizer, Moderna, and/or Johnson and Johnson would they push vaccines like Ron DeSantis is pushing Regeneron?

Have seen few Democrats in Calif. say they’re voting “yes” on recall to “teach Newsom a lesson.” Sorry, if you’re really a Democratis & you think “a lesson” is worth destruction one of GOP replacements on ballot will wreak on state you’re as bad as GOP refusing vaccines to “own the libs.”

Some untold number of Americans who insist not getting COVID vaccine demonstrates freedom, only have survived to adulthood because of vaccines against polio, tetanus, smallpox, diphtheria, e

Remember when all those Democrats immediately called for George W. Bush to resign after 9-11? Me neither.

We don’t know exact toll but yes, deaths in Kabul are awful. We do know 1165 Americans died here in US yesterday alone from COVID – also awful. But same GOP criticizing Biden for not saving lives in Afghanistan has no problem discouraging life-saving vaccines & masks at home

Listening to our “heartbroken but outraged” President today only hours after many including US soldiers were killed in Kabul, & thankful to have decent empathetic man in White House. TFG ignored Niger deaths for a week, then insulted widow of fallen Army Special Forces Sergeant..

So wonder where all the Republicans are today who usually say after mass shootings “it’s too soon to politicize these deaths?”

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