Saints be praised

NOW we’re talking. A New Orleans friend tells me Louisiana is apparently getting an uptick in vaccinations, because LSU and the Saints are REQUIRING proof of vaccination to go to football games!

The Colorado Rockies are now only nine games behind the San Diego Padres. And playing like they intend to catch them.

So how long until some MAGA promotes the theory that Velveeta Voldemort killed the Kabul bombing mastermind with his little hurricane altering Sharpie?

Ok, this is impressive. California lets you sign up to track ballots. Dropped my #NoOnRecall in mailbox yesterday. Just got a text from County Registrar of Voters “USPS has ballot & will deliver it to us soon. It’s great living in a state that believes everyone SHOULD vote.

Remember when a Trump supporter claiming to have a bomb threatened to blow up the Library of Congress last week? Neither does the media.7100261

No wonder some Republicans want to defund public schools. Schools teach math and science: CNN analysis of CDC data “More than 99.99% of people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 have not had a breakthrough case resulting in hospitalization or death.”

Caleb Wallace, who organized an anti-mask “Freedom Rally” is now in critical condition with Covid. Can we start making the theme song of these rallies “Live and Let Die?”

Maybe it’s just me but thinking that the Venn Diagram of cops we’d be better off with out of the police force and cops that don’t want to take the vaccine has a pretty considerable overlap.

I understand how horrible it must be for military widows/widowers to have young children grow up knowing their father/mother only through stories and pictures. But what will parents tell their children if daddy/mommy died because they fought a war against vaccines?

Look, I’m not a foreign policy expert & while I have opinions I’m not qualified to say if President Biden’s decisions on Afghanistan have been right. But if you condemn Joe for suicide bomber yesterday then it seems you HAVE to applaud him for taking out the ISIS-K leader today.

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One Comment on “Saints be praised”

  1. Mimi Debunker Says:

    No Giants – Braves comments? I’m disappointed 😞

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