Silvery linings?

If there was anything to smile about for SF Giants on a day they lost 9-0 to the Atlanta Braves it might be this…

The Los Angeles Dodgers, later in the day played the Colorado Rockies, facing 2-9 pitcher Antonio Senzatela, and ended up having to pitch Justin Turner in the 9th. Dodgers lost 5-0.

Javier Baez, in response to being booed by fans at Citi Field, gave thumbs-down sign to the crowd during NY’s win today over the Nationals at Citi Field.

That’s so Mets.

(And if you needed proof that karma was watching..  Noah Syndergaard, who’s been vaccinated, was scratched from a rehab start Sunday because he tested positive for COVID-19,)

Kike Hernandez has tested positive for COVID-19 & will be sidelined indefinitely. Red Sox manager said Kike has symptoms but would not divulge whether Hernandez is vaccinated. Translation, he isn’t. When will they ever learn?

Hurricane Ida isn’t done yet. But looking like worst damage happening in rural & reddest parts of Louisiana. Joe Biden has already approved federal disaster relief & will not blame victims, even if they didn’t vote for him. Nice having a President for all Americans, isn’t it?

Was a huge fan of Mary Tyler Moore show so was especially saddened to hear of death of Ed Asner – forever Lou Grant.

But was around my son, his fiancee and their friends today – they were sad because “Oh, he was the ‘Up” guy.” I feel old.

Kid Rock has canceled shows because because many in his band have COVID. Well, since there are so many in GOP who think the virus is harmless, maybe they could do a show at a Republican rally?

If Gym Jordan is admitting he talked to the Former Guy on January 6 then the phone logs must be very damning indeed.

Small but important detail about Caleb Wallace, 30, the Freedom Rally organizer who died of COVID. His widow says Caleb got sick in July, but “He didn’t want to see a doctor, because he didn’t want to be part of statistics w/ COVID tests.” Florida & Texas are worse than we know.

Evacuated Afghans are being vaccinated against COVID near Washington DC’s Dulles airport soon after they arrive.. Another reason that despite GOP fearmongering, these refugees will be less dangerous than many American COVIDiots.

CNN lead every day were usually how calmly and responsibly Biden administration is dealing with difficult situations then they couldn’t scream “Breaking News” every 30 minutes. If they are that desperate for ratings perhaps they could try a daily half hour of cat videos.

I’m a proud Democrat. But I realize people can disagree on taxes, military, welfare etc. Never dreamed I’d see so many disagree on taking a free live-saving vaccine.

A tale of two headlines. Both from Fox News website:

Today “Blinken was vacationing in the Hamptons hours before Kabul fell.”

February “Ted Cruz: Wife Heidi ‘pretty p—ed’ over leaked text messages on Cancun trip.”

President Biden inherited a difficult situation in Afghanistan and did his best to save lives regardless of political consequences Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida had a pandemic happen and has done his best to sacrifice lives for his political ambitions. See the difference?

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