Down to you, New York, New York

Who had “The Mets making thumbs down signs to book their own fans?” on their 2021 batsh*t bingo card?

SF Giants, professional athletes in world class shape, looking like they have now 2, maybe 3 breakthrough cases of covid. But yeah, all these random people figure, “I’m in good shape, no way I’ll get the virus.”

Even travel articles these days have clickbait headlines: “E.U. bars the door to U.S. tourists amid surge.”

Actual story “E.U recommended its 27 nations reinstate restrictions on US tourists but member countries will keep option of allowing fully vaccinated U.S. travelers in.”

And for example, Italy will still allow US tourists after USA was taken off the “safe” list, but with much tighter restrictions. Ladies and gentlemen, anti-vaxxers have officially made us a sh*t hole country.

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico has been added to CDC’s list of “very high risk” destinations. Why isn’t the CDC being honest and putting Florida at the top of the list?

For a movie based on completely archaic concepts – chat rooms leading to AOL mail on dial up, plus super sized book stores – “You’ve Got Mail” is a completely charming movie that is a nice diversion these days. Okay, back to snark.

Sean Hannity “Because of the Biden administration, 13 Americans are dead.” Fixed it for him and Fox News. “Because of George W Bush adminstration, over 2,500 Americans are dead.

As awful as the damage from Ida is in Louisiana…. the levees basically held. Wonder if the anti-vax folks in the state realize that building levees, like creating vaccines, is science?

So has any conservative pundit attacked President Biden for not flying to New Orleans to throw paper towels yet?

Thinking that Afghan refugees are far less likely to be dangerous to the United States now than some number of unnamed GOP members of Congress were on January 6.

Lawyer John Pierce, who is defending nearly 20 US Capitol insurrection clients is reportly sick with COVID and hasn’t been appearing at recent court hearings. So can someone give Pierce some horse dewormer and be done with it?

Again, if you ask most Americans to name a member of Congress other than their own, guessing that many of them will name someone who accomplishes nothing more than saying outrageous things.

Anyone got Madison Cawthorn’s phone records from January 6? Asking for a country.

Mitch McConnell claims Joe Biden’s leaving Afghanistan “is one of the worst foreign policy decisions in American history.” His statement almost doesn’t need a punchline.

But gosh, mitch, anyone ask him if he remembers who got us INTO Afghanistan?

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