Because NOTHING is Urban Meyer’s fault.

New Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer said he a player’s vaccination status into consideration during final roster cuts.

Well, yeah, a player’s vaccination status might cause the team to forfeit a game.

Unlike a coach being credibly accused of domestic violence – Zach Smith at OSU – or a player being a suspect in a murder -Aaron Hernandez at Florida. Priorities.

Patriots released Cam Newton, after QB missed 3 practices due to ‘misunderstanding’ of Covid protocols. Ask if he’s been vaccinated- Cam says it’s ‘too personal.’ NFL says unvaxxed players testing positive means a forfeit. So NE figured personal for you, strictly business for us?

Kevin McCarthy is now threatening telecom companies not to release phone records for January 6.

You know who doesn’t care if phone and text records are released from January 6?

People with nothing to hide.

And so it begins – as travel agent I have clients in German resort hotel this fall Just got email – “A stay is currently not possible for guests who have been in US in 10 days prior to arrival & are not fully vaccinated.” Good for them. My clients ARE vaccinated. #GetVaccinatedNow

GOP is clutching their pearls about the fate of women under the Taliban But GOP in places like Texas is treating women as if Republicans were the American Taliban.

Rachel Maddow pointed out how a new Texas law at midnight will make abortion illegal at 6 weeks. Law makes it possible for random private citizens to SUE anyone they claim helps a woman have an abortion. So if you drive friend to a clinic… If you’re not afraid you’re not paying attention.

Think you’re safe in a blue state…even if you live elsewhere, if you give a friend advice or offer to have her stay with you, you could be sued by a Texan.

So if a man in Texas tells his pregnant partner he doesn’t want her to have a baby is that now grounds for the woman or any of her friends to sue him under the new Texas anti-abortion law?

Larry Elder, leading GOP candidate in recall election against Gavin Newsom has called #RoeVWade “one of the worst decisions that the Supreme Court ever handed down.” Can someone please ask Elder, on camera, what he thinks of the new Texas abortion law?

I have heard people say something like “I want to teach Gavin Newsom a lesson,” for French Laundry dinner, or some other misstep. Fine, after Sept 14 maybe we can discuss a dunking booth for charity. But right now, for the good of California & our country vote no.,

President Biden reminded us US has spent $300,000,000 a day for for 20 years in Afghanistan

Yes, Three-hundred million dollars a day. So where are the GOP members of Congress who talk nonstop how we can’t afford to spend taxpayer money on social services and infrastructure?

A simple statement we don’t hear enough. George W. Bush got USA into Afghanistan. Joe Biden got USA out.

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