Not throwing away our shot?

Better to have a bad week now than in October. But SF Giants have played the last few days like most pundits expected them to play for all of 2021.

As we approach the end of preseason, a number of unvaccinated NFL players have been cut and are unhappy about it.

Uh, you have the choice not to have a shot, NFL teams have a choice not to give you a shot.

President Biden is traveling to New Orleans Friday. How long until Fox News attacks Joe for not helping the recovery by throwing paper towels residents can sell on Ebay?

New Orleans Saints home opener against Green Bay Packers will now be at Jacksonville’s TIAA Bank Field on Sept 12. So the Saints not only won’t be home in New Orleans post Ida, they & fans need to risk Florida – the COVID capitol of the country.

Seriously Mark Zuckerberg? On Facebook there’s a suggestion “Add COVID-19 vaccine frame to your profile picture. We can all play part in ending pandemic…Your new picture will be shown to friends to inspire them to get their vaccines as soon as they can.”

THIS is FB’s apology for all anti-vax misinformation?

58% of American adults have been vaccinated now for COVID. While the EU, originally lagging, has stormed past us with now over 70% vaccinated. So Europeans are far more welcome around the world. Congratulations, GOP, you have officially turned the USA into a sh*thole country.

CDC telling unvaccinated Americans not to travel this Labor Day weekend. While Florida Governor Ron DeSantis encourages them to come to Florida, where there are no restrictions. I miss the days when the worst souvenirs tourists brought home from Florida were tacky t-shirts.

So if you’re a pre-menopausal woman in Texas are you automatically given the right to drive at all times in the carpool lane, because you know, you MIGHT be pregnant?

Two other laws signed by Gov. Greg Abbort other than the anti-abortion bill are open carry of handguns w/out a permit & sale of alcohol on Sundays at 10 am instead of noon. So you can get drunk & shoot your pregnant partner Sunday morning, but you’ll be sued if you take her for an abortion..

So where’s the Texas GOP bill increasing welfare to women and children in the state now that abortions are basically illegal?

GOP apparently is fine with “locker room banter.” So has it occurred to men that locker room banter about their partner’s unplanned pregnancy could be used as evidence to sue them if she obtains an abortion?

Again, Fox News and GOP care about women and children of Afghanistan like they care about unborn fetuses of low-income women. Worthy of love and protection … until they’re alive & in the USA.

If someone has proof that the Former Guy paid for an abortion for one of his mistresses now would be a good time to reveal it.

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