Half a game to go

Not counting chickens or anything but… hey, the SF Giants with their 75th win are now one half game away from the 75.5 games over-under Vegas had them for winning the entire season.

Random baseball weirdness: The Philadelphia Phillies, currently leading the NL East, would be five games behind the SD Padres, who currently hold the second wild card. (Yes, the NL West is that good.)

During a time where our country seems divided on just about everything, at least we seem to have universal agreement that Jeopardy blew the choosing a new host decision.

Fox News still obsessed with Obama’s birthday party.

Dear Fox: Unlike the Former Guy, Barack and his supporters KNOW he’s no longer President. Sincerely, America

Contra Costa county finally doing what I thought made sense weeks ago. $100 reward, not for the person getting vaccinated, but for the person who brings them in.

Heck, we pay people to gather signatures for petitions, this is FAR more valuable.

(Personally, I’m good with a prize for the person getting the vaccine AND the person who convinced them)

So when is Marjorie Taylor Greene going to visit a COVID ward in a Georgia hospital and tell all the patients they have nothing to worry about?

Open note from a California voter to everyone who says Feinstein should retire NOW. State politics are very factionalized & many have strong favorites to replace her. Anyone Newsom might choose would upset some people. In some cases, enough not to vote for him out of pique.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis telling residents to “review disaster plans” as Tropical Storm Fred approaches. Uh, weather forecasting is as much science as medicine is. So why isn’t DeathSantis telling Floridians to ignore forecasts too?

Wonder if what will certainly be stories about rich and privileged people trying to cheat to get COVID boosters early will encourage some of the vaccine hesitant to get their shots?

If you believe religion gives businesses the right to turn down serving gay customers then seems fair that you believe science gives businesses the right not to serve unvaccinated customers.

Covid and the delta variant is justifiably dominating headlines but at some point can we have a moment to discuss how GOP is both claiming immigrants will take our jobs and complaining business can’t get enough workers?

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One Comment on “Half a game to go”

  1. Ken Jacobsen Says:

    If newsome loses finestein can resign immediately and newsome can quickly appoint someone or himself. The latter does take some political maneuvering. Acting Governor would have to appoint himj

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