Lost weekend

Dear Mets. Thanks for NOTHING. Sincerely, SF Giants fans. #BeatLA

Reliever Tyler Gilbert made first big league appearance for Arizona Diamondbacks Aug 3.

He’d pitched 3.2 innings total until August 14, including Aug 5 loss against SF Giants because runner from 2nd scored. Saurday night he threw a no-hitter against SD Padres.

Baseball is the best game.

Whether he comes back in the 2021 season or no, Mets are making the specter of facing Jacob DeGrom in the playoffs about as likely as running into the Headless Horseman on the Brooklyn Bridge.

There is now apparently another woman who had accused Trevor Bauer of violence during sex and got a temporary order of protection in 2020.

Look, I get innocent until proven guilty – but did any woman read those accusations against Trevor Bauer and think that was the first time he’d allegedly done anything like that?

I know, money talks…. but when you go online on your phone with ESPN looking for scores, and it gives you NFL bleeping pre-season as “top-events” instead of MLB pennant race games??

Heard Barack Obama once kept Maureen Dowd waiting for an interview. If so she’d have to be a petty little person indeed to still hold a grudge. Enough said.

There are petitions going around about recalling Ron DeSantis. As much as I can’t stand DeathSantis, don’t waste the energy. Work on voting him OUT in 2022. Per ballotpedia – “Florida recall law does not pertain to elected state officials, such as the governor.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s latest way of dismissing the pandemic is dismissing it now as “COVID season.” Uh, the state is also entering “hurricane season.” Does DeathSantis mean people should stop taking precautions for storms too?

Situation in Afghanistan is tragic. But this line “signaling the end of a 20-year Western experiment aimed at remaking Afghanistan….” Has ANY Western experiment ever worked to remake Afghanistan?

Many of the same people attacking President Biden now would be screaming bloody murder if he had offered asylum to all our translators and other allies in Afghanistan.

Fox News attacking President Biden about Afghanistan – after wholeheartedly cheering on Cheney et all getting us into that war, is like an arsonist complaining about the job the firefighters are doing.

All you need to know about Fox News coverage of Afghanistan – anything Joe Biden did would have been wrong.

Not all Republicans don’t believe in science. Some know better but have politicized COVID. But wonder if GOP figured Biden would’ve had vaccine mandates by now? Pandemic might be under control but they could’ve lied that it would’ve happened without “government overreach.”

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One Comment on “Lost weekend”

  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    Joe Thornton has said that signing with the Florida Panthers is a perfect fit. Of course. He can hit all the Early Bird Special spots for his pre-game meals

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