Where credit is due.

(oops, this didnt’ publish two days ago.)

Dear Cubs. Thank you. SF Giants fans.

(For Kris Bryant)

No idea who will win the NL or the World Series. But can we give SF Giants’ Gabe Kapler “Manager of the Year” and be done with it?

So with Tebow being cut as a tight end from the Jacksonville Jaguars…. how long until Tim announces his NFL tryouts as a long snapper?

My better angels were not happy with my reaction when I heard Texas Governor Greg Abbott has COVID

So did Velveeta Voldemort send Greg Abbott some of his special recipe Covid curing bleach?

ICYMI we’ve gotten tetanus booster shots for decades and nobody made it political.

But Whoever thought the decision whether or not to get a life-saving vaccine would become an IQ-test?

Have two travel industry meetings this fall, one in Texas, one in Las Vegas. BOTH are now open to vaccinated participants only. Governors may be COVIDiots but businesses who understand about travel are not.

Same folks who claim they don’t want to be guinea pigs for a well-tested vaccine are now guinea pigs for an experiment in what happens when a virus has millions of unvaccinated petri dishes in which to mutate.

Lauren Boebert is reminding us all that Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t have a lock on the title “Worst woman in Congress.”

Most conservatives wringing their hands over the plight of the poor women and children trying to escape horrors in Afghanistan have been attacking women and children trying to escape horrors in Central and South America.

For anyone who lives in or knows someone who lives in Calfornia. – saw on Next Door woman saying she & husband were confused by sample ballot & real ballot for California gubernatorial recall & almost sent back the wrong one. I remember Florida butterfly ballot debacle with Gore/Buchanan. So it’s not just “Vote no,” it’s “vote no, CAREFULLY.”

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