Strange relief

Duke University is looking into bacteria outbreak at Coach K’s basketball fantasy camp for adults.

Phrase heard for the first time? – “Oh, thank goodness, it’s only Legionella.”

Arizona Diamondbacks’ pitcher Caleb Smith ejected after foreign-substance check. He says the spots on glove were dirt.

Am inclined to believe him. Does anyone really think based on the Dbacks’ record that they’re cheating?

California governor candidate Larry Elder says employers should be allowed to ask women if they plan to have children. So why isn’t he running in Florida or Texas?

In the race to the bottom in Texas, Dan Patrick, who is falsely blaming a rise in state COVID cases on unvaccinated Black people, is giving Greg Abbott a run for his money.

So Larry Elder is also trending over allegedly pulling gun on his ex-fiancee.

Again, Gavin Newsom is up for re-election in 2022. Don’t like him? Find good Democratic party challenger. Or pick good GOP challenger in the general. But this recall is a circus. Don’t feed the elephants

Alabama is out of of ICU beds and Velveeta Voldemort is having a maskless rally there Saturday. Well, since attendees don’t believe in medical science maybe they will just go home and avoid hospitals if they get sick?

If Republicans really care about foreign policy and our safety around the world maybe they could prevail upon Ted Cruz to stop holding up almost all of Biden’s state department appointees?11540

Once some of them escape, GOP is going to care as much for women and children of Afghanistan as they care about poor children in the US once they are actually born.

Covid is going to be a pre-existing condition for health insurance. NOW how do you feel about Obamacare?

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