Numbers game.

123 games into the MLB season, the Arizona Diamondbacks are 38 games out of 1st and 26 games out of the 2nd wild card. So yes, even with 2 wild cards Dbacks may manage to get themselves eliminated from the postseason in August.

Instead of new “City Connect” jerseys at this point can the NY Mets just wear a white flag?

(The Mets have won one game in the last nine, and that was a 12 inning game where the SF Giants pitcher hurt his ankle in the 2nd and Giants needed to fill 10 innings from their bullpen, finally running out of gas.)

Penn State AD Sandy Barbour says the “Big Ten has more than money on its mind while exploring alliance with Pac-12, ACC.”

Uh, the word “than” is unnecessary.

Reports that Biden administration may compel commercial US airlines to help transport Afghan evacuees. But surely President Biden won’t enlist Spirit Airlines. Those poor people have suffered enough.

When the FDA fully approves the Pfizer vaccine wonder what the next MAGA excuse will be?

So as Kamala Harris flew to Asia this weekend, did Joe Biden have her stay at one of his hotels, as TFG did with his VP, & had Mike Pence spend $600,000 in taxpayer $$ for a two day stay at his Irish golf resort? Oh that’s right, President Biden doesn’t have a hotel.

ICYMI, US reported 319,456 new COVID cases last week…150,118 of them were in Florida. Ron DeSantis won in 2018 by 32,500 votes.Voters who are still alive in 2022 can fix this mistake.

The guy who threatened to blow up the Library of Congress has disappeared from the news cycle, especially on Fox News. Now, had he been an immigrant or POC the story on conservative media would have rivaled Afghanistan.-

So let me get this straight, many MAGAs don’t want to get vaccinated against COVID because almost 5 billion doses given isn’t reassuring enough? While they are okay with trying ivermectin, a deworming drug intended for livestock? But it’s wrong to call them stupid.

Not saying President Biden should be immune from criticism but some in media claiming outrage because he was going to his home in Delaware this weekend instead of staying at the White House. Because they don’t have cell service and computers in Wilmington? WTAF?

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