Something’s got to give.

Baltimore Orioles have lost 18 in a row and are now 38 and 85.

But the Orioles have a series in late September with the Texas Rangers who are 43 and 81.

“So you are saying there’s a chance.”

While I felt bad about Bruce Bochy leaving, was told to give new manager Gabe Kapler a chance – “he’s even a Democrat.” Kapler asked about SF Giants losing streak entering Saturday “We lost two in a row, right? Just making sure.” Snarky too!

Quarterback Cam Newton will stay away from New Engalnd Patriots until Thursday. due to “misunderstanding” on COVID-19 tests “conducted away from NFL facilities.” Only unvaccinated players need regular tests. Thinking, if you’re not smart enough to get vaxxed, you’re not smart enough to be an NFL QB.

“Lara Trump, Senior Investigative Journalist?” Again, that moment when I realize I could work all night and never write a line as funny as that.


So with all the conservative media having been apoplectic over Former President Obama’s vaccinated-guests-only birthday party, how did I miss their equal outrage over the Former Guy’s unmasked and unvaccinated rally.?

I’m old enough remember my dad driving cross country almost every year to visit my grandparents. No seatbelts. Ever Took while to get used to seatbelt laws. But seatbelts sure beat flying through windshield if you crash. Same as masks sure beats getting even “mild” case of COVID

Any time as a woman you look back and think, I’ve made some foolish choices in my life, think on this – someone just married Matt Gaetz.

WTF? Fox on Sunday blaming Jill Biden for Afghanistan? Because it was easier than coming up with a reason to blame Hillary?

Per SF Chronicle ” Larry Elder has campaigned on reversing mask and vaccine mandates tied to the pandemic, has downplayed the climate crisis and the effects of racism, and would seek to eliminate the minimum wage.”

So if you live in California, and support what California Recalll Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Elder wants, why haven’t you moved to Florida or Texas by now?

Rachel Maddow reminds us tonight that Congressman Mo Brooks is running for the Senate in Alabama with Richard Shelby retiring. So Tommy Tuberville might not only become Alabama’s Senior Senator, but also might he become the less awful one?

Dear Pete and Chasten Buttigieg. America is looking for good news. Where’s the baby picture?

Amazing how some in GOP & media attacking California by echoing Former Guy saying we needed to rake our forests to avoid wildfires, won’t tell Gulf Coast states to get people vaccinated/wearing masks to keep COVID frm spreading like wildfire.

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine just got the FDA’s full approval. So NOW what excuse will MAGAs etc use who claim their reason for not getting the shot is that it’s experimental?

Proposed new rule. Any politician or pundit who opines on TV about COVID must first disclose his or her vaccination status.

Again, if Republicans were mostly vaccinated, COVID would be more under control and the US would feel much happier and more optimistic as a whole. GOP literally wants their voters to be COVID fodder for their war on Biden.

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