Late night LaMonte.

It never gets old typing this – Dear Minnesota Twins, thank you SO much for the gift of Lamonte Wade,Jr. And to Twins fans…. he’s completely charming, humble, chatty, son of postal workers. The 2021 SF Giants bandwagon would love to have you on board.

Alabama football coach Nick Saban says team is 90% vaccinated but staff & team will wear masks & follow protocols for next 6 weeks. Former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville on a press call urged people not to be “hardheaded” against getting vaccine. All hail the God of Football.

Stephen Colbert points out the LSU Tiger mascot is vaccinated….but less than 38% of Louisiana residents are vaccinated. Why there is no satire…

Now it’s the Pac 12 saying football teams must forfeit if unable to play due to COVID-19 cases. This could get interesting. Some folks who don’t believe in science DO believe in football.

Would any of these chicken-hawks criticizing Joe Biden for withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan like to tell us when they and/or their children are enlisting?

The Villages is wealthy mostly conservative and white place. It now has about 130,000 people & “over 90 gate facilities spread throughout community.” Well, proportional to what GOP is doing in places like Houston and Atlanta, the Villages should have maybe ONE polling place?

Mike Lindell needs to put a pillow in it.

Will say again and not for last time. All you need to know about what GOP is trying to do to change voting – you never see a rally of rich suburban white people claiming that it’s going to be harder for them to vote.

We get flu shots every year, what’s the big deal with a COVID booster shot?

Actually beginning to think GOP WANTS Biden to impose federal vaccine/mask rules. Both would save many lives, but then Republicans could claim America would have beaten COVID with no rules, and just attack our President and Democrats for government overreach.

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