Not heads up?

LaMonte Wade Jr hits a home run off the glove of Ketel Marte tonight. Somewhere Jose Canseco might be thinking “he should have used his head?

Despite the Red Sox 20-8 win against the Rays Wednesday, Tampa Bay’s Tuesday rally to win 8-4 against Boston has Rays lead in AL East is still at four games. What’s ESPN going to do if neither the Red Sox nor Yankees end up in MLB playoffs?-

ICYMI, late Tuesday afternoon, former Stanford football player Cory Booker did to former Auburn etc coach Tommy Tuberville what Christian McCaffery did to Iowa in the Rose Bowl.

Hunter Biden is a great barometer. If conservative media is putting him in the headlines, President Biden (and Democrats) must have had a very good day indeed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the New York Governor is resigning. But Fox News is spending more time this week with stories on allegations against Andrew Cuomo than they did in four years on allegations of sexual assault against the Former Guy.

Anyone remember that exponential math problem in school, would you rather be paid $100 day for a month, or penny on day 1, 2 cents on day 2, 4 on day 3, doubling each day? That second option is like sadly like US COVID Delta surge right now.

Fox News and other conservative media apoplectic over news anchor Chris Cuomo actually having conversations with his Governor brother. Missed their outrage when the failed fashion designer was appointed as a senior advisor to her President father.

To file recall petition against Calif Gov, just need petition signed by 65 voters. To qualify for ballot, signatures from 12% of voters in last gubernatorial election. That’s it.

Florida has no such system. Sadly. Wonder how long it would take to get 12% of Florida voters to sign such a petition now. Starting with signature gatherers outside schools and hospitals.

And for non-California voters: SIX recall petitions were filed against Gov. Newsom in 2 yrs.

Recall petitions are sport here. None came close to qualifying until Gavin’s French Laundry dinner. Dinner was stupid mistake, but recall is like serving an ant killed w/ sledgehammer for dessert.

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