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So how many SF Giants fans on the East Coast saw the Giants go up 5-0 on the Diamondbacks, and went to be figuring “well, this game is over.” They were sort of right.

But in case you missed it, this was just lovely. #ForeverGiant Madison Bumgarner.

After Tuberville proposes amendment against defunding police, Cory Booker w/ moment of day: “Would love to hug my colleague from AL. Some say we want to defund the police…we can put to bed this scurrilous accusation. Vote for the amendment. Unanimously! Along w/ God country & apple pie.”

(And they voted for it, 99-0.)

Former Stanford football player Cory Booker just did to former coach Tommy Tuberville on the Senate Floor what Christian McCaffrey did to the Iowa defense in the 2016 Rose Bowl.

Mitch McConnell, the man who changed the rules twice to steal TWO SCOTUS seats, has the audacity to accuse Democrats who support voting rights of trying to “rewrite the ground rules of our democracy.” Irony, your late night regular table is ready.

Lindsey Graham speaking earlier today against budget resolution & complaining about Democratic Senators trying to get around rules because they have a majority. Gosh, I missed Lindsey’s crisis of conscience when GOP rammed through Amy Comey Barrett’s lifetime SCOTUS appt in about 30 days.

Republicans and Democrats agree on one thing: Democrats who are credibly accused of sexual misconduct should resign.

So neither of Florida’s Senators voted for the infrastructure bill. Does this mean they think Florida should reject federal government money for bridges, water, roads, etc?

Lots of headlines like “here come vaccine mandates.” But if you’ve been to school in the US, or had kids in school, or traveled to some countries, you’ve ALREADY been subject to vaccine mandates.

Wow. Just making all Senators stay in chamber has gotten Vote-A-Rama on Democratic budget reconciliation plan voted on by 4am, well before sunrise.This speaks very well to the positive changes that might come just from a talking filibuster!

How much would I love with one of these Vote-a-rama late night circuses for Senate Democrats to show up in tasteful pajamas?

The Pied Piper took kids away because the people of Hamlin didn’t pay him. Ron DeSantis may be taking Florida’s children away because he wants to be re-elected and then run for President.

Fox News refers to Cuomo as Grope Gov. So when are they refering to Velveeta Voldemort as Predator Pres?

COVID is killing people. But misinformation is the virus’s most dangerous accomplice.

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