What day is it?

As confusing as all the tape-delay and streaming was, I guess the Tokyo Olympics are over. But seriously how would we know?

As a sports fan I understand and accept I may root for players who have very different political views than I do. And that’s fine.

But for Aubrey Huff I will make an exception. Bye Felicia, and take your thong with you.

(Huff was finally banned off Twitter for hate and misinformation.)

Djokovic, withdrawing from a tennis tournament in Cincinnati where he is defending champion “Dear fans, I wanted to share w/ you I’m taking bit longer to recover & recuperate after quite taxing journey from Australia to Tokyo

Djokovic on Simone Biles “If you’re aiming to be top of game, better start learning how to deal w/ pressure & how to cope…”

Gov. Greg Abbott now taking COVID seriously enough that “Texas will ask healthcare workers from other states to assist w/ its surge in COVID-19 cases.”

More I think about this angrier I get. So if your state, betwee good leadership & good behavior, has COVID numbers somewhat under control, he think you should put yourself at risk in Texas?

Everyone who is regularly beating a drum for Dianne Feinstein to resign should be forced to spend an hour listening to Chuck Grassley.

Grassley Monday was going off about Democrats so-called obsession with the Former Guy and acting like Dems should just let all this investigating go…

Wonder if Chuck Grassley also said – “You’ve been obsessed with the Confederacy for years, President Lincoln, take a night off and go to the theater.”

As Republican Senators decide tonight if they will vote for or against the infrastructure bill, wonder if any of them tried suggesting to cut the $1.2 trillion cost by refusing money for their own states?

The scariest thing about all the stories we’re learning about how close we came to a real coup in America – is that it’s pretty sure we don’t know close to all the stories.


Actually included in a Honololu hotel’s resort fee. “Complimentary incoming faxes.” And most travelers under 40 are going “what are faxes?”

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised Alabama has the lowest percentage of vaccinated adults (35%) in the USA. They had a chance to keep Doug Jones and replaced him with Tommy Tuberville.

As of today, Alabama is the only state to have fully vaccinated less than 35% of residents. “Sweet home, Alabama” isn’t supposed to be about funeral homes.

CDC has just added Aruba, Eswatini, France, French Polynesia, Iceland, Israel, Thailand to the “very high risk” travel list. Time for CDC to be realistic and add “Florida” to the list.

Josh Hawley says adding broadband into the infrastructure bill is a “woke left political agenda.” Would Hawley like to try to exist without internet for 24 hours? I am sure some Democratic senator would be happy to find a safe place to store Josh’s phone.

My grandparents took me to South America when I was a teenager. It was pretty simple, if you wanted to travel there, you got vaccinated and got a yellow vaccine card. Nobody’s head exploded. Those were the days.

Wonder how many of these people, especially on Fox News, lying about the dangers of a piece of cloth on your face to ward off COVID have done stuff like… I don’t know, injected a botulinum toxin into their faces to ward off wrinkles?

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One Comment on “What day is it?”

  1. Frank Workman Says:

    Re: Alabama…..if the SEC required proof of vax to attend football games, we’d be a lot closer to beating the COVID.

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