House money

In Las Vegas before 2021 season the over-under on SF Giants wins was 75.5.

(They hit 71 on August 8.)

Four home runs in three games. How many SF Giants did it take to drag Brandon Belt onto the plane out of Milwaukee.?

Dolphins TE Adam Shaheen is complaining about NFL trying to “strong arm” him, but his decision not to get vaccinated is “bigger than COVID.” Is he really daring the virus?

If Ron DeSantis was the mayor of Amity Island he’d be encouraging tourists to keep coming because the shark only killed a person every few days.

RIP Bobby Bowden. Wasn’t a fan of his politics, but he was a heckuva coach . And decades ago he supported idea of paying players an allowance so they had enough for an occasional night out, to eliminate temptation to take $$$ illegally.

Whatever happens in this season, on a regular basis as an SF Giants fan have to thank the Minnesota Twins for LaMonte Wade, Jr.

So somehow I missed all the end of Olympics stories from the haters reiterating about how making Gregg Popovich the coach of USA men’s basketball team was a really stupid idea.

GOP and Fox News are again making things very clear: If you’re a woman and are sexually harassed or assaulted by a Democrat they’ll have your back. If you’re a woman and are sexually harassed or assaulted by a Republican they’ll call you a liar or worse

The Delta variant is “so contagious that those who were not previously infected or have not been vaccinated will likely get it.” Another liberal fearmonger? Nope, Scott Gottlieb, head of FDA in the Trump administration..

Headline after a week with MANY cancellations: “Spirit Airlines Troubles – Stranded passengers and a hopeful CEO mark Day 7.” Although if the airline gets it together, the passengers still have to deal with actually flying Spirit.

California GOP voted today not to endorse any candidate in recall election against Governor Gavin Newsom, supposedly to avoid nasty infighting within the party. Or could it be because even Republicans know they have no decent candidate?

Yes, SF Bay Area has high housing prices, traffic & other problems… But there are many compensations: Very proud of my Santa Clara County – “More than 84% of residents 12 & older have received at least one dose of vaccine & 79.3 % have completed their vaccinations.”

If GOP Senators REALLY object to the infrastructure bill they can stand on principle and refuse all money for their states for water, bridges, roads, etc.

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One Comment on “House money”

  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    I’m not saying that NY Mets manager Luis Rojas thinks he’s skating on thin ice, but he reportedly just applied for a job in the Cuomo Administration for “the stability.”

    (i id because I love)

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